It’s all Caravan Parks!

August 12, 2013

Caravan parks, the theme of this weekend.

Brynrodyn With Den

On Friday we headed back down to Borth to play at Bryrodyn again and, just like our last Borth trip, we were joined on stage by our friend Den York. It never ceases to amaze us how effortlessly he slots into the band adding a trace of genuine musicianship to the proceedings. Wonderful.

We unveiled our new bass drum skin this weekend. Based on one of our rubber ducks, we’re chuffed with how well it’s turned out. Thanks to Tosh, of local legends Pre Sleep Monologue, for his work on it.

It's Quackers!

It’s Quackers!

We stopped at Den’s for the night, with WeeMann putting in an obligatory all nighter with our host while the rest of the band rested ahead of the journey home.

Starting all over again with the drive up to Wem for Saturday’s gig at Lower Lacon Caravan Park, it quickly became apparent that Clatter had not had enough sleep – he gets very grumpy without 9 1/2 hours sleep per night and his mood proved that the time he had last night just wasn’t enough. Fortunately the fact that we had to use his very large PA system for this gig meant that he could have his bass drum turned up very loud, which never fails to cheer him up.

The room was a very large hall with high ceilings and loads of hard surfaces meaning that sound was always going to be difficult. As we finished the final song of the first set, the echoes from the first song were finally starting to fade away! This didn’t seem to worry the audience who lapped up everything we could throw at them. Youngsters loved the fact that they could throw ducks at us. We are starting to think this may not be one of our more clever ideas as we are coming away from gigs with duck related injuries. The large ones, particularly, hurt when thrown with gusto.

And to Sunday and a return to The Telegraph in Shrewsbury. Unfortunately, due to a disturbance in the spacetime continuum, Clatter was in a parallel universe when we were due to leave, so we decided to do the gig as a duo. As it happened, though, the spacetime problem meant that he was already at the venue when we arrived, having been waiting there for us for just under 3 months.

We’re never left wanting at The Telegraph – the crowd are always great and Sunday was no exception. We played around a little with the set and, against our normal rules, allowed ourselves to be cajoled into a couple of encores. We’re back there on 1st December and have forward booked a number of gigs for 2014.

The only downside to what was a great gig was the utter decimation of our new drumskin. No names, no pack drill, but someone left a hot light a little too close to it and the skin melted under the heat:

Some Large Ducks

Some Large Ducks

We’ve got another weekend off next week before we head down to The Great Dorset Steam Fair from the 28th to the 30th. We’ll try to remember to update regularly to Facebook and Twitter to keep you abreast on what we’re doing there.

So, So Tired…

March 20, 2013

Hi, it’s Hugo here, the band’s Gnome Stool and star of the show. I’ve been asked to write this week’s blog, so here goes…

Well, that was a big weekend. It all started on Thursday with a gig for a headteachers’ association shindig just outside Shrewsbury. A crowd of off-duty headteachers relaxing after the first day of a residential course made for a good crowd which included the headteachers from both Clatter and WeeMann’s children’s schools – the latter also being WeeMann’s wife’s boss – we had to be a little careful… A drowned Scruffy was thrown rearward towards the band for the first time in many months.

On Friday we played our first gig at Bridgnorth’s Hen & Chickens, a venue which has been going from strength to strength over the last few months. The audience, including local celebs SheBangg, were great and we look forward to our return in June.

WeeMann with a Drunken Fan

WeeMann with a Drunken Fan

Saturday was a special as part of a fund raiser for the Newport Rugby Club and we arrived just as the England Wales game was coming to an end on the TV. It seems WeeMann was in the minority in celebrating the 30-3 massacre. The stitches come out next week.

The highlight of an already great weekend, hoiwever, was our Sunday afternoon slot at The Telegraph. Already a favourite venue of ours, this gig surpassed our previous visits with a packed pub celebrating St Patricks Day and taking the opportunity to see off a pub regular, Dinky, who sadly passed on last week. Our sincerest condolences to all who knew her, it’s clear that she was deeply loved by everyone whose lives she touched.

The Washboard Arrives

The Washboard Arrives

The gig saw the début of the band’s new instrument, the washboard. New tracks are being worked into the set to take advantage of the fact that we can bring Clatter to the front of the stage and a few of these will be premièred later this week.

On Friday we’re returning to Wem’s USC and Sunday sees us back at our spiritual home, The Wrekin Inn in Wellington.

See you soon!

Love and bubbles,


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Hugo Blogging

Hugo Blogging