March Gigs

March 9, 2015

Already we’re into month 3 of 2015, so here’s what we’ve got coming up this month:

Saturday 14 – The Beeches, Bayston Hill, 9:00PM

Sunday 15 – The Telegraph, Castlefields, Shrewsbury (time TBC – normally around 4PM)

Thurs 19 – Private Function

Friday 20 – The Old Post Office, Shrewsbury, 9:00PM

Saturday 21 – Forton Cricket Club, 9:00 *SOLD OUT*

Coming up later this year:

May 8, 9 10 We return to the Sussex coast – Peacehaven and Worthing

July 12 The Swan Beer Festival, Stone, Staffs

July 31 Clivestock Festival

Aug 7 Borth Carnival

Aug 16 Farmer Phil’s Festival

Sep 2, 3, 4 The Great Dorset Steam Fair

Watch here and on Facebook for more news.

December Gigs

December 1, 2014

Xmas Duck

Xmas Duck

Christmas is almost upon us and here’s what we’re planning in the way of celebration:

Friday 5 December – Rummers Wine Bar, Aberystwyth

Sunday 7 December – The Telegraph, Shrewsbury

Friday 12 December – The Barley, Newport

Thursday 18 December – The Crown, Oakengates

Friday 19 December – The Old Post Office, Shrewsbury

Saturday 20 December – The Swan Inn, Stone

Sunday 21 December – The Green Man, Milwich

You can find the locations of all these venues and more at

A few to catch up on,  so let’s dive in.

The Old Post Office.  Last time we were here our desk broke from the stress,  but all was OK this  time.

We’ve had bigger crowds here,  but fewer more enthusiastic.  What made the gig special, however, was Paul’s new flightcase.  As you probably know,  we bring a lot of peripherals to our gigs and these entail many trips to and from the van. Fortunately our ever-thinking drummer came up with a solution in the shape of a large, wheeled flightcase.  After putting everything in it we wheeled the case up the cobbles to the pub door only to discover that it wouldn’t fit through the door,  so it spent the evening just outside the pub.

A Flightcase.

A Flightcase.

Our next gig was a return visit to The Swan in Stone. We very quickly realised the flightcase wouldn’t make it through the door again,  so it stayed in the van while we played. Playing on a Wednesday we normally have smaller audiences than weekend gigs,  but we had a full pub this time.

Next up was due to be Shrewsbury’s Brittania Inn,  but sadly Ed’s voice was disappearing due to a cold.  He’d struggled manfully (?!) through Wednesday’s gig,  but this would have been near impossible,  particularly as we’d been booked for a wedding the next day and didn’t want to let the happy couple down. In any event,  we wouldn’t have managed to get the flightcase in through the door.

So, onto the wedding. This was taking place in the beautiful surroundings of a golf club in Chepstow.  The big problem here was the fact that we had to carry everything up a small staircase to the first floor – the flightcase never even made it out of the van.  We were joined by Den for this gig,  so sounded somewhat musical for a nice change.

We woke the next morning for a drive to Shrewsbury and The Telegraph, with Den in tow for another gig.  By this point the flightcase was buried at the back of the van and wasn’t coming out.

A member of the audience threw us a challenge to play an instrumental and the result was captured on video by our friend Shelley – see what you think:

We went on to Harper Adams university next for a staff/ex-student dinner,  again upstairs,  rendering the flightcase unusable. After an early setup we had a late start,  so visited Paul’s second home,  Newport’s curry house for some sustenance before returning to perform for a typically drunken university audience.

The Harper Party

The Harper Party

We then headed back to Wales and another 2 day residency at Rummers, again with added musicality from Den. By this time Paul had accepted the reality that his flightcase experiment had failed and it was unceremoniously dumped at home. Night one of the residency was a great result,  the pub being almost deserted until the point we started playing.  As usual the pub filled quickly with a great audience,  most of whom were excited to learn we’d be back the following evening.

Playing two days on the trot here makes things a lot easier as we don’t have to pack up at the end of the first night, nor set up on the second night, so on Saturday we went for a curry before the gig. All went well until Paul discovered a body part in his drink. No names, no pack drill, but eye don’t think Paul was too happy.

"Eye Love Curry!" - Paul Crewe.

“Eye Love Curry!” – Paul Crewe.

We finished the month off at The Boars Head in Shrewsbury. Having been a busy month, Paul spent a short while checking his eyelids for holes before we started:

Sandman Has Come For Paul

Sandman Has Come For Paul

You can keep up to date with our upcoming gigs at and come back soon to find out how Santa has ruined Christmas for us.

See you soon!

The Calm Before The Storm

October 7, 2014

Only one gig to catch up on here and that was at The Kings Arms on 26 September.  It’s regularly been a fairly quiet affair here and this gig was no different, with the exception that a fight broke out as we took our break.  At first we assumed it was because people weren’t happy that we had stopped playing, but it became clear that it was more likely due to the fact that we would be starting up again soon.

Behind You!

Behind You!

Ed discovered a brand new way of drinking – beer flavoured with whisky, his two favourite drinks in one glass.  Apparently the effect was quite good, although the effect it had on his sobriety was more questionable…

I’ve got this far through the blog and started wondering whether anyone actually reads it.  I’m sat here talking rubbish about our gigs, posting it to the ether and sitting back, awaiting time to write another.  I wonder what would happen if I started talking rubbish here, rubbish that’s totally unrelated to the band or gigs?  Let’s try it and see.

If you’ve read this far, add a reply to the post here on the blog site.  The 21st unique reply will win a prize.  By that, I mean that if you add 21 replies yourself, they’ll only count as one.  Then I’ll know whether it’s worth me doing this!

Anyway, back to the band.  Ed asked Si to help with a couple of Unlawful Men gigs this last week, first on sound duties, then as dep bass player when Jon was unavailable.  The second of these gigs was for the Whitchurch Blackberry Fair.  It seemed to go well, with a great crowd gathering, but the highlight of the afternoon followed…

Unlawful Men

Unlawful Men

Ed had seen Ash Mandrake at the Dorset Steam Fair and had raved about him.  He followed the Unlawfuls on and was just stunning.  I won’t go into detail here, as anything I say couldn’t do him justice, but please check him out on Facebook at and and get along to see him live.

Ash Mandrake

Ash Mandrake

We’re back at The Old Post Office this Friday and you can check out all our gigs at or check out our new monthly lists on this very blog.

Things are about to get busy…

It’s August already!

August 3, 2014

Where’s the year gone? It’s moving too fast to keep up at the moment.

Bucket Head

Bucket Head

So, Thurs 10 July – The Crown. A comedy show on before us, Patrick Draper and Roger Swift ahead of their trip to the Edinburgh Festival. I’m a little wary of comedy in the pub – is it going to be any good? The answer in this instance was yes, it was great. If you see these guys around, go and see their show, you won’t be disappointed –

Sat 12 July – Lower Lacon Caravan Park. There were pigs in a pen just outside and air conditioning in the room. The drowned dog attacked Nichola from a great distance.

The Christening

The Christening

Sun 13 July – Christening Party. Our friend, Chris Payne asked us to play for his daughter’s christening. We used every extension lead we own in order to run power out to the beer garden, on the edge of the River Severn. The weather held!

Thurs 17 July – Private Party. Headmaster was leaving the school he’s headed for many years. The weather was great, but the staff had put up a gazebo in case of rain. As it turns out, this made it extremely warm for us.

The Audience

The Audience

Fri 18 July – Molloys, Bury. Another packed Molloys – hot, sweaty and fun. Fantastic chicken tikka kebabs on the way out of Bury.

Sat 19 July – The Milwich Music Festival. Our luck had to end at some point – the rain came down with us playing on the back on a lorry. Fortunately the organisers had the sense to put up numerous gazebos, so the crowd was there for us. Note to self, don’t jump up and down on a lorry stage – the suspension causes the PA to wobble dangerously.

Fri 25 July – The Malthouse. The first time a band has played with the doors open. It’s possible we would have died of heat exhaustion had this not been the case. Despite the heat, the pub was full. A great night.



Sun 27 July – The Telegraph. Ed and Si offered cheese and ham onna stick. Turns out that some chilli paste was placed between these items. Hot, hot hot. Kindly, landlord Alan offered us a glass of white port to cool us off. Note to self, don’t trust Alan again. Despite the label, this was actually chilli vodka. Even hotter than the paste. Unable to sing due to burning vocal chords.

Fri 1 August – The Old Post Office. The pub was full before we arrived and kept getting busier. What could go wrong? Turns out that the mixing desk could go wrong. After two years of faithful service it decided to pack up mid-set. While Paul sorted the problem out using no more than our pet keyboard player, the landlord and a spare desk, Ed and Si jumped up onto a couple of chairs to sing as loudly as possible and keep the crowds amused. It worked.



Sat 2nd August. Clivestock, a private charity festival. What a great crowd. As we left home for the site, the rain was coming down in stair-rods. The skies cleared for our arrival, but it clouded over again just as we took to the stage. A little rain, but it didn’t dampen the crowd’s enthusiasm. Loads of dancing and singing ensued.

This week we’re off to Wales for gigs at Brynrodyn Caravan Park on Friday and Rummers in Aberystwyth on Saturday.

Health & Safety Assessment

Health & Safety Assessment

May 2014

June 3, 2014

Lost The Plot, by Ed

Lost The Plot, by Ed

It’s been busy again, so time for a quick round up of the last few gigs.

On Friday 9th we were back to The Malthouse in Ironbridge. As usual, a great crowd with plenty of dancing and duck throwing. The Malthouse has become one of our most consistent venues with a good, responsive, crowd and fabulous, friendly staff (free beer next time guys?!). A couple of friends, Alex and Jason, turned up for the second half. During an ABBA rendition later in the set, Si took a wander to discover that Jason had lost control of his bladder all over the floor. Check out Si’s reaction at 2:40 in the video below.

Ed got into an interesting discussion with a member of the audience after the gig. She commented to him how much she had enjoyed the gig, but felt the humour was unnecessary, preferring the second set where we pretty much just focussed on songs that would keep people up dancing. Whilst hers is a perfectly valid point of view (and one we explored on Sunday – see below), Ed explained that if we cut the humour (hats, toys, hitting each other, etc) we’d be no different to any other pub band on the circuit. In fact, there are a number of songs that we feel would be almost impossible to pull off without the audience realising that our tongues are firmly placed in our cheeks. You can only go so far down the cheese route as a ‘serious’ band before people give up on you. By introducing the humour early, the audience are ready for whatever we decide to throw at them (metaphorically, as well as physically).



We left The Malthouse much as we found it, but with more empty glasses and bottles and went our separate ways until the next day, when we headed back to Tipton, to The Kings Arms for our second visit. Our last visit was to a quiet audience – we weren’t sure whether it was working until we finished, when everyone we spoke to assured us we were amongst the best bands they had seen there (we can only assume we were the first they had playing there!). We were ready for a quiet reaction this time, but were pleasantly surprised as the crowd started singing and dancing like the Malthouse had the previous night. A group of women who had seen us on our previous visit sat alongside us, snatching Paul’s hats throughout the gig. Ultimately one left with his favourite hat – Paul has been in a daze ever since.

Paul's Workspace

Paul in a daze

On Sunday we headed into Shrewsbury for The Telegraph. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve played here and we’ve never had a duff gig yet. So, following Ed’s conversation on Friday, we decided to tempt fate.

As our set has developed over the last 27 months, the amount of ‘peripherals’ has increased. Soft toys, hats, ducks, etc. What if…

What if we played with none of the rubbish, none of the toys, hats, ducks, etc.? No crutch, just the music. We ran the risk of regular punters being disappointed, but it would prove whether or not we could do it. So we went for it.

To be honest, the first half a dozen songs saw little more then a polite ripple of applause, mind you it can sometimes go that way on a Sunday afternoon. Before long, however, we hit our stride and forgot the hats and the crowd came along with us. The pub’s ever generous landlord, Alan, tells us it was one of the best gigs we’ve played there. We’re not sure, but we’ll certainly take the compliment.

The following Thursday was a return to Harper Adams University for a private party. In an almost unprecedented move for us we spent our time between soundcheck and gig working out a set list. Some took it more seriously than others and, in the process got quite grumpy…

Harper gigs are always raucous affairs and this was no different, with beer and vomit flying.

On Friday 16th it was the turn of The Old Post Office. What can we say that we haven’t already said about this place? The audience are great, the staff are great, the beer is great and we bring it all down.

Saturday was time for our first festival appearance of the year at Glenstock in Leicestershire, for Festivals 360 (who run the music for the Dorset Steam Fair). As this was only a 60 minute set we, again, turned to a set list for the gig, honing it in the van before hitting the audience with it. The sun was dropping as we played and the lights and smoke helped us create a great atmosphere. More of these please!


Our final gig of May was on the following Wednesday at The Swan Inn in Stone. Normally a quiet night, there was a great audience in this time and they helped us by cheering anyone entering the pub and booing anyone who left. At one point two guys walked in to a cheer, looked at us in our silly hats, had a quick discussion and walked straight back out to a loud BOOO! 20 seconds later they returned to a huge cheer and stayed for the rest of the evening.

May also saw the release of Ed’s debut Unlawful Men CD, Rope Or A Ladder, a folk odyssey. Jam packed with folk songs, it’s Ed returning to his roots (and includes guest drunk vocals from Paul Crewe). If you want to buy a copy (the first run is almost sold out, so get in quick – only 2 of the original 3 are left unsold), drop us a line at or come and see us at a gig. You can get more info at and listen to some of the tracks on Soundcloud – here’s Ed’s own composition, White Horse:

If you’re not all folked out, you could also get along to see them in a rare live appearance on July 19th at The Wheatsheaf Inn in Chetwynd Aston with Paul and Adelle Parker. Go on, treat yourself. Tel;l them I sent you.

And that was that. May was finished. Half term saw the band go their separate ways for family holidays to return, relaxed, for the upcoming trip to Sussex, where Ed and Paul will learn what a proper accent is all about.

GlenstockGlenstock a success

Friday night and we were back at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury. We always get a great reaction here, although, as we were setting up, we were discussing the fact that the crowd was a little thinner than usual. Not to worry, it’s halfway through January, people still awaiting their first pay day of the year, so all we can do is get on and give those people present the best new year gig we can.



We shouldn’t have worried. As we started playing the pub filled up until it was as packed as usual. We really love playing at the OPO and look forward with relish to our next visit on 16 May.

Saturday had the potential to go very wrong. After being approached by the landlord of The Britannia in Shrewsbury about 6 months ago to play in his pub, we didn’t speak to him again until we turned up – a rookie error. It seems the landlady had also booked an act for the evening, although she had been unable to get in touch with him to confirm his gig. As it turned out, both acts turned up…

Double bookings happen from time to time and how you respond to the challenge determines how the evening (and any future gig) goes. Our attitude was simple – as long as he was happy with the idea, we’d play alternate sets. He was, and so our first gig alongside an Elvis impersonator kicked off.

The Britannia

The Britannia

It meant we had to trim our set down a little and, as a result, the usual momentum was lost somewhat, but the audience didn’t mind – they were getting two for the price of one!

To top it all off, Elvis (actually also called Ed) joined us for one of our last numbers, getting into the spirit by grabbing a succession of hats and even the monkey mask.

Elvis Loses The Plot

Elvis Loses The Plot

We’re back at The Britannia in October.

This Friday we’re off to Aberyswyth again for a couple of nights at Rummers before we take the whole month of February off. With the exception of Christmas, we’ve been going non-stop for the last year, so we decided to have a few weekends off to recharge our batteries in order to come back refreshed. We will be meeting up during this time, however, in order to put some new material in the set. March should see a revitalised Lost The Plot!

Thanks to Patrick Larkin for the photos and, as usual, keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter and our website.

Students and New Venues

January 22, 2014

Wow, how to hit the ground running this week.

On Wednesday we were back at Harper Adams University in Newport. We’ve played there a few times in various guises, but this was probably our favourite line-up to date because not only did we have the wonderful Simon Carswell on keys, we also had Den York playing guitar. As anyone who has seen and heard these guys play will know they are both truly excellent musicians, each adding a great deal of musicality to the usual cacophony of Lost The Plot. This time, however, was the first time we have had both playing with us at the same time. We actually sounded like a real band for a whole evening!



Harper is an odd gig for us. Instead of being in a small room, able to get up close and personal with our audience, here we are on a stage in front of about 4 or 500 drunken uni students. As a result, the stupidity is dialled right back and we focus on the music. It feels odd to be playing like real musicians, but we do what we can!

Sound is tricky in this environment – it’s a huge hall and you’re fighting against a background of all those people singing and shouting and it can be surprisingly hard to hear what you’re playing. For instance, apart from Den himself, the only other person who could hear what he was playing was Ed, as he was right alongside him. It means you’re doing a lot from memory rather than what you can hear, but it’s good for finding out whether you know the material!

Si Carswell

Si Carswell

Thanks go out to Si and Den for the gig – we couldn’t have done it without you. Looking forward to the next time guys.

On Friday we headed to Bayston Hill, just on the southern edge of Shrewsbury to a new venue for us, The Beeches. You never know how a crowd will react to you the first time, but we were blown away by this pub. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music and, more importantly, got our sense of humour.

The Beeches

The Beeches

The duck throwing went down well, although was a little over-enthusiastic at times – Si played the remainder of the gig with a swollen lip!

We’re back at The Beeches in September and we can’t wait.

On Sunday we were back for a return visit to The Wrekin in Wellington. We were last here just before Christmas, a very short gap between gigs for us, but Sam was adamant he wanted us in early in the new year, so who are we to disappoint?!

Being such a short gap between gigs we decided to try something a little different – letting the audience choose the set list.

The initial idea was to write out a long list of songs that at least one of us knows how to play then get the audience to vote on them. No hats, no ducks, no toys. We bottled out to some extent, deciding that we couldn’t play without our props and limiting the song choices to ones we have at least played in the past. Sometimes only once, but played. This gave us a list of about 60 songs.

The Wrekin

The Wrekin

On the whole the list came back with most of our normal set marked up, which makes us think we must be doing something right, but there were one or two from our dim and distant past which we had to try to remember – Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here being a notable one. Perhaps one for the permanent set?

The crowd got a little agitated when Ed pointed out that our normal duck throwing song, My Girl, wasn’t chosen. After a while of getting abuse we decided to try it with REM’s Losing My Religion. My Girl tends to work for the duck throwing as it’s a fairly easy song to play whilst dodgy missiles, this was harder. Plus we don’t play it often any more – a recipe for disaster. The good news, however, is that we beat the audience.

Ed & Si

Ed & Si

We’ve booked up a few more dates at The Wrekin across the year – the next being April 13th – a week before Easter. For this gig, whenever someone throws a duck at us, we’ll be throwing an egg back out.

We’ve got some really exciting news coming about a couple of trips to the South Coast later in the year. Keep watching the site for the announcements. These are going to be great.

Next weekend we’re back at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury on Friday and at another new venue, The Britannia, also in Shrewsbury, on Saturday.

As usual, keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter and our website.

OPO & Baschurch

November 10, 2013

Another couple of crackers this weekend.

On Friday we returned to The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury, scene of some of our favourite gigs. Regular followers of the band and this blog may remember that our friend, Chris Payne, moved to Abu Dhabi at the start of the year and celebrated his move by coming to our gig at The Crown just before Christmas. Well, Chris was back in the country for a couple of weeks, so used this gig as an excuse to have a few beers with some friends. Better than this, prior to arriving at the pub he and his mates went for the obligatory curry. We were about 3 songs into our set as they arrived and Chris walked up to offer us a bag of naan breads for our consumption in the break. The gig was as much fun as any we have had here and we can’t wait to get back at the end of January.

Chris Payne & Spank

Chris Payne & Spank

On Saturday we were at the Admiral Duncan in Baschurch. It was a little quieter than normal (obviously the locals know when to avoid the pub!), but it picked up as we started playing and the crowd were brilliant. The Landlord was away on holiday, so he had his friend Jamie standing in for him. It seems he didn’t know what was coming and spent the whole evening with a silly grin on his face.



We ended the evening doing something we don’t normally do. One thing that happens a lot when you’re in a band is that you get that one drunken person asking if they can come up and sing a song, because they’re really good singers and do you know something by Celine Dion? Apart from the fact that we don’t know any Celine Dion, very few drunken people can actually sing that well, especially by the end of the evening. We took a punt this time and let Jamie’s better half, Amy, up to sing a song with us. Initially she had asked about doing something by Olivia Newtron-Bomb, so we figured it couldn’t hurt to let her do the female lines in Summer Nights – we only play the one verse, so it would be over quickly if she couldn’t sing!

It turns out that she can sing. Very well. Very well indeed.

A spur of the moment decision saw her sing Hallelujah with Ed figuring out the chords as he went along. To say she brought the house down is an understatement. To end the gig with a spot of real musicality was an odd experience for us, and one I doubt we’ll repeat too frequently, but one we’ll treasure.

We’re hoping to be back in Baschurch in the New Year.

Gav Hedge

Gav Hedge

Next weekend Paul is busy in his other life operating sound for a gymnastics competition oop north, but we have a special treat. Our friend Gav Hedge, from the Scottish town of Forfar, is heading to Shropshire for a weekend of gigs. You can catch him on Friday at The Telegraph in Castlefields, on Saturday at Newport’s New Inn, or at The Wrekin Inn, Wellington on Sunday afternoon. Gav plays acoustic guitar using some kind of voodoo to create his own backing tracks live – it’s a wonder to behold. Ed & Si are providing technical backup and may join in for one or two numbers. This really is a set of gigs not to be missed, not least because they are unlikely to be repeated. Check out our Facebook Page for more details.

October 2014

November 4, 2013

October was a hectic month, so apologies for not getting any updates online. We’ll do a quick roundup here.

The first gig of the month was at regular venue, The Malthouse in Ironbridge. The setup has changed somewhat with a stage area now halfway down one wall, putting the band pretty much in the middle of the pub,m rather than at one end. As a result the sound was far improved and crowd interaction was far easier. We’ve enjoyed ourselves every time we’ve visited the Malthouse, but this has to be our favourite gig there so far.

Devastation at The Malthouse!

Devastation at The Malthouse!

On Saturday things went a little awry. Whilst preparing to leave home for the first gig at The Bridge Inn in Trench, WeeMann took a call from his Mother-In-Law’s to say his son had brought his career as a stuntman to a premature end by falling backwards off a trampoline and breaking his arm. Edcase & Clatter carried on to the pub with the idea of WeeMann catching up later. As it turned out, due to surgery, he couldn’t get away from the hospital until late, joining the guys for the last 4 or 5 songs of the evening. This notwithstanding, the band seemed to go down well and should be back next year.

Sunday’s gig at the Stone Food Festival was similarly marred, although this time Den York was able to join the band as a stand in bass player. The gig was a riot, although a drink left on the sub decided to take a tumble, fusing the electrics a few songs into the set. This was soon remedied and normal service was resumed in time for Clatter to assault a police officer in the name of entertainment. His case is due to be heard in the New Year.

Stone Food Festival

Stone Food Festival

The following week WeeMann was back in place as we took a journey back up to Scotland. Edcase was already on site due to work, so we all met at the venue for Friday’s gig at Legends, Dundee. This was followed by a stellar gig on Saturday at a new venue for us, The Millgate in Arbroath. We didn’t feel many more could have got in to the pub, but we are assured by locals that it could have been even busier! Sunday saw our return to an old favourite, The Chapter & Verse in Forfar. For thoise of you interested in what the pub looks like, you can now have a virtual walk around the Chapter & Verse on Google Maps. You may recognise one of the punters, despite his blurry face, although if you come to our gigs regularly you may only see him as a blur anyway. I’m not convinced any regular followers ever see us sober.

The next two Fridays saw us at a couple of small pubs in Shrewsbury – the Boars Head in Belle Vue and The Wheatsheaf in Frankwell. The Wheatsheaf gig in particular was notable for including a group of people who last saw us at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in August.

This last Friday Clatter was unavailable to play, but we were asked if we’d play for Halloween at Molloy’s in Bury, so Edcase & WeeMann played as a duo. The show has a slightly different feel as a duo, but it was good to see people up and dancing despite the lack of drums and we’re back there in a couple of weeks back up to full strength.

This week we’ll be playing at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury on Friday, The Admiral Duncan in Baschurch on Sunday, then The Wrekin in Wellington on Sunday. Click the links to be taken to the relevant Facebook Events and sign up.

The following weekend we have something special for you. Our friend, Gav Hedge from Forfar, is journeying south to play a series of gigs in the area. Please check out our Facebook page for details and come along and see him. He’s a great entertainer who uses an acoustic guitar and a looping pedal to build up great backing tracks. There may be a guest appearance or two as well.

See you at a gig soon.