Update Early December

December 8, 2013

I know it’s been a while, but we’ve been busy in the background at Plot Towers recently, so it’s about time for a quick update ahead of the Xmas period.

Welsh Dragon

Welsh Dragon

After waving Gav off the previous week, the weekend of the 22nd was host to just one gig. Paul was working on sound for the British Gymnastics team, so we only played on the Friday at Molloy’s in Bury. Si and Paul headed off during the day to Leicester to set up for Paul’s weekend, before driving north to Bury to meet Ed for the gig. As is often the case here, the pub was rammed and a great time was had by all. Poor old Paul headed back to Leicester to get a couple of hours’ of pushing out the zeds before his weekend of playing DJ, while Ed and Si headed home.

For the end of November we headed to Aberystwyth for a 2-night residency at Rummers. As a surprise, Den York joined us again – he had been due to be working abroad, but we were very happy to have him add his guitar talents to our cacophony once more. The Friday night saw the return of Paul’s famous tambourine solo. Hopefully this will be seen in the set more frequently in 2014 – it’s a sight not to be missed.

Tambourine Solo

Tambourine Solo

On Sunday we returned to Shropshire, stopping off at The Telegraph in Shrewsbury. We’ve not had a duff gig here yet and this afternoon was no different – a great crowd in both size and enthusiasm.

This week we started off the weekend at The Duke in Oakengates for what was possibly our best audience here so far. Most of the evening seemed to be taken up by trying to prevent people stealing our toys and hats, but it all seemed to be in good humour.

Ed 'n' Den

Ed ‘n’ Den

On Saturday we returned to The Boars Head in Shrewsbury. Some of our regular friends came along with others in tow and, although the audience was small, it was perfectly formed. A little like Paul, in fact, who decided to take this weekend as the opportunity to try out his new stage gear – he is now Waistcoat Man. Come to future gigs and you can rate his waistcoats. The lovely example shown here cost him a massive £4 and you can see where the money was spent in the production of such a lovely piece of attire.



Another couple of gigs coming up this weekend. Friday is time for a new venue for the band (although Ed and Paul have played here before), Hales Club in Hales, near Market Drayton and Sunday sees a rare appearance in the band’s home town of Newport at The Barley.

The following week is a biggy, with 5, count ’em – FIVE – gigs between Wednesday and Sunday.

*Deep breath*

Wednesday 18 – Ed’s works’ Xmas Party, Thursday 19 – The Crown, Oakengates, Friday 20 – The Green Man, Milwich, Saturday 21 – The Admiral Duncan, Baschurch and Sunday 22 – The Wrekin Inn, Wellington.

Come along and see Christmas in with some idiots!

WeeMann & Clatter

WeeMann & Clatter

York At The York

September 15, 2013

Another busy weekend last week. On Friday we headed back up to Bury and Molloy’s where we’ve had a couple of successful gigs. We had a message before travelling asking if we minded starting a little later as there was an England match on. It turned out to work well for us as the weather and traffic were horrendous, so it took a while to get there, plus it meant that the pub was full by the time we started. Normally it starts quiet and only really starts getting busy later in the evening, but this time we were able to hold them from the start. We’re back here on 1st November, but as Paul is working away it’ll be a duo with just Ed and Si performing.

After a tiring journey home and a good night’s sleep we were off to Borth again, to our last gig of the summer season at Brynrodyn Caravan Park. Being the first weekend after the schools started again we weren’t holding out much hope for a great audience, although Lorraine, the owner, explained that this was often a good weekend for those without children to get a last weekend away before the weather turns. As it happens we had a great crowd – maybe not as large as some we have seen here, but easily as enthusiastic.

We had a better sound this time as Den York, who joined us once more, had made some set up changes to the in house PA and his wife, Jood, controlled the sound from out front. It’s not an easy room to get a good sound when it’s not full, but Jood did us proud.



All things being equal, we’ll be back again next summer.

The load out at Bryrodyn is down one of two sets of stairs. Due to the distance involved, Den and Ed moved the gear downstairs while Si and Paul loaded it into the van. This is a technique which works well, except tonight it didn’t run according to plan…

A Well Lit Cock

A Well Lit Cock

We spent the night at Den & Jood’s before leaving for Sunday’s gig at The Wrekin. We unloaded the van and started to set up before realising that we were a guitar short – Simon’s bass. A call to Den later and it transpired that it was still on the stage at Brynrodyn. The gig was performed using Si’s spare bass (which fortunately was at home, just round the corner), although his wireless unit was on the other bass, so he spent the gig tied behind his mic stand.

The Wrekin

The Wrekin

The crowd were probably as good as we have had at The Wrekin and joined in with great enthusiasm, ducks flying constantly all afternoon. A great afternoon was marred, however, when Si injured himself during his much anticipated triangle solo. On the second hit he misjudged and badly bruised his knuckle, dropping the triangle and bringing tears to his eyes.

A week later and we were back to The Duke in Oakengates. Den had agreed to bring Si’s bass over and join us for another gig, his first with us in Telford. Normally we set up at the entrance to the pub in order to get right in the faces of the audience, but this time we had to set up on the stage at the rear of the pub. Whilst this gave us more room, it also meant that people would sit at the bar, able to chat and not interacting with us.

On Stage at The Duke

On Stage at The Duke

Happily, during the first set we were joined by a stag party who were more than happy to join in, most of them joining us on stage at one point or another during the evening.

The stag party left us at the interval, but by this point enough people were in the pub to help us perform. This is the last time Den will be performing with us this year, so we’d just like to take this opportunity to thank him for his services. We hope he’ll help us again next year. Cheers Den!

Den York

Den York

Next Friday we’re back at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury. Hope to see you there.

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Hit for Six

May 12, 2013

Edcase really needs to learn to think hard before he makes decisions. As a result of a seemingly simple decision made as we finished setting up on Saturday night’s gig in Forton, band members were repeatedly injured throughout the night. But more of this shortly.

Friday was a return gig at The Duke in Oakengates. Our last gig here could so easily have been a disaster due to the heavy snow, but fortunately people came out. It was similar this time, although not due to the weather. Oakengates is seeing fewer people out on a Friday evening at the moment and, as before, the pub was almost deserted as we started playing. Like last time, though, people started turning up during the first set until we had a respectable audience all keen for a good night out. The bar staff surprised us when they showed us that they had kept some masks we left behind in January. By way of revenge for scaring us in this manner, WeeMann took the photo below, asking the barmaids to say cheese as he snapped away. All smiled for the camera before one asked “Why am I smiling with a mask on???”



And so to Saturday. A fundraiser for Forton Cricket Club, with us being booked by our friend Phiz. The decision Ed made? To leave ducks on the tables throughout the room. So that people could throw them at us.

The people in this case being cricketers, who can throw harder and more accurately than the average drunken pub patron. To top it off, Clatter decided to point out that it wouldn’t matter due to the fact that it was only Forton XI, so we’d be safe. WeeMann barely leapt out of the way before Clatter was hit by a hail of ducks. This continued throughout the night, with WeeMann eventually using a safety helmet for protection after being hit by a particularly accurately thrown duck. New balls please:

Cricket Box

Cricket Box

Edcase has been relieved of decision making duties until he can demonstrate an ability to think through the consequences of his actions.

Following this gig we have reached our milestone of 200 likes on Facebook. Our 200th fan, Sarah Foster, will be receiving a small gift shortly.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, we have uploaded a short video from last week’s gig in Aberystwyth filmed by our tame camera man, Dave. Good job as usual, Dave.

We’ve got a couple of weeks’ break now before we head north to Dundee and Forfar to play at the Forfarfest music festival. We loved playing there last year, so are really looking forward to our return trip. We’ll be staying with our good friends Gav and Jen again and playing alongside Gav at the festival. Can’t wait.

For all our local fans, we’ll be back at the Malthouse in Ironbridge on Friday 7 June and then onto the Newport Carnival on the Saturday afternoon before heading to the Admiral Duncan in Baschurch in the evening.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and also at www.losttheplotband.co.uk where you can check out our gig calendar.

See you at a gig soon.

Updated Website

January 13, 2013

We’ve started updating the website for 2013. You’ll see that we’ve changed the design, but we’ve also tidied a few things up, moved them around and generally had a bit of a spring clean.

There are one or two new bits (with a couple more to come soon), including a new photo gallery and a Gig Venue Map on the gigs page, so there’s no excuse for not turning up at a gig saying you didn’t know where it is. In actual fact, it’s an aid for us, as we’re all getting a little older and we forget where the hell we’re going sometimes.

You’ll also see our new video, filmed on location at Newport’s premier bookshop, The Book Nook.

As announced yesterday, we’re hosting our First Birthday Party on Saturday 23rd February at Cosy Hall in Newport. Tickets are £4 each and further details can be found at www.LostThePlotBand.co.uk/party.

This Friday we’ll be at The Duke Of York in Oakengates, so pop along and see some stupid.

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from Lost The Plot.

We trust you didn’t overdo it over the Christmas period.  We all had a nice quiet time with our families followed by a wonderful curry evening at Clatter’s with our wives and offspring and are now ready and raring to go in 2013.

We’ve added a last minute booking to the calendar for this Sunday.  We’ve been asked to perform at Newport’s January Jog in Shuker Field, a charity run around a muddy field in Shropshire.  All we can say is that it will be cold, wet and muddy and we may have Sir Simon Prattle returning on keyboards.

That evening we’ll be playing at a private party, so our next public gig is on Friday 11th at the Old Post Office In Shrewsbury, followed by The Duke Of York in Oakengates the following Friday.  You can find these venues on the map below.

Thanks to everyone who came down and made our gig at The Duke so much fun.  No doubt we’ll be heading down that way again soon.

Dates are now pouring in for Lost The Plot’s Non-Festive International Tour 2012. Please check our Gigs Calendar for details.  In the meantime, we’ll be playing at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury this Friday and The Talbot Inn in St.Georges on Saturday.

This week sees the second of our articles detailing the life and times of the band members. Clatter is up next. Find out what breed he belongs to, the stage school he attended, who his cousin is and who he has been stalking over on our Band Pages.

Next week, WeeMann.



Fresh back from their groundbreaking Welsh Tour Of Wales 2012, the band are now preparing for the Scotch North Of The Border Tour at the end of October.

Prior to this are gigs at The Duke, Oakengates (Fri 5 Oct), The Old Post Office, Shrewsbury (Fri 12) and The Talbot Inn, St. Georges (Sat 13).  See our Gig Calendar for more details.

This week also sees the start of our series of articles focussing on the various band members.  Firstly it’s the turn of our Lord and High Master, the band’s MD, Ed “Case” Conway.  Find out where he grew up, why he’s as grumpy as he appears to be and what caused his head to swell to twice its original size in our Band Pages.

Next week, Clatter.