Man Down!!!

April 14, 2013

This was always going to be tricky. Once Ed and Si had visited Paul following his hospital visit, it became clear that he wouldn’t be fit for Friday’s gig at Molloy’s in Bury.

Paul went in on Monday to have an operation on his knee to fix damage caused when he fell during a gig last year. The operation went well, but on leaving hospital he passed out, landing on his face. If he didn’t look pretty before, the look is exaggerated now:

Recovering Idiot

Although the damage to his face looks nasty, it’s the knee that is the problem – he wasn’t fit to travel, much less play drums and run around like an idiot. We took the decision to take on the gig without him, as a duo. Theoretically it should work, but we’d never actually tried it before. Then, a couple of days before the gig, Ed’s daughter, Megan, offered her services as stand-in-idiot.


We weren’t sure how it would go, but gave it everything we could, introducing Megan a few songs in to join Ed on Puttin’ On The Style. Dressed in pyjamas (it was past her bedtime), she did a cracking job of hitting her Dad over the head with a baking tray snaffled from the pub kitchen (our bar trays were in Clatter’s drum case back home…) and impressed immensely with the way she slotted into the band, despite never having watched our set all the way through. Megan even added an extra dimension to the band when she brought out her flute and trumpet for a couple of songs. Great stuff.

The audience seemed to enjoy the stupidity, although those we spoke to afterwards couldn’t believe that we were only 2/3 as stupid as normal. They’ve got a treat in store when we return on 21 June with Clatter in tow.

The Bury Crowd

We’re having a week off next week, so our next gig is at The Dun Cow in Shrewsbury on Friday 26th, a venue we last visited last August. We sincerely hope Clatter will be fit enough to play at this one and we don’t have to rely again on a hastily put together mannequin:

Fake Clatter

This Weekend…

October 10, 2012

Don’t forget that this weekend sees two more public appearances from your favourite idiots.

Friday 12th is our first gig at Shrewsbury’s The Old Post Office in the town centre:

The Old Post Office

Find The Old Post Office

You can click on the above map to be taken to their site, but all you really need to know is that we’ll be there and they serve real ale.

On Saturday we’re returning to the site of one of our earliest gigs at The Talbot Inn in St. Georges, Telford.

The set’s built a little since our first visit there and we’ve settled into it a lot, so if you saw us there last time, expect more.

Don’t forget to visit our Band Pages to read the biographies of Edcase and Clatter – WeeMann’s will be going live on Monday…

Hope to see you over the weekend.


October 7, 2012

Come back tomorrow to read the life story of our pet drummer, Clatter, tragically injured in a freak tambourine accident during last week’s Welsh Tour Of Wales 2012.