OPO & Baschurch

November 10, 2013

Another couple of crackers this weekend.

On Friday we returned to The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury, scene of some of our favourite gigs. Regular followers of the band and this blog may remember that our friend, Chris Payne, moved to Abu Dhabi at the start of the year and celebrated his move by coming to our gig at The Crown just before Christmas. Well, Chris was back in the country for a couple of weeks, so used this gig as an excuse to have a few beers with some friends. Better than this, prior to arriving at the pub he and his mates went for the obligatory curry. We were about 3 songs into our set as they arrived and Chris walked up to offer us a bag of naan breads for our consumption in the break. The gig was as much fun as any we have had here and we can’t wait to get back at the end of January.

Chris Payne & Spank

Chris Payne & Spank

On Saturday we were at the Admiral Duncan in Baschurch. It was a little quieter than normal (obviously the locals know when to avoid the pub!), but it picked up as we started playing and the crowd were brilliant. The Landlord was away on holiday, so he had his friend Jamie standing in for him. It seems he didn’t know what was coming and spent the whole evening with a silly grin on his face.



We ended the evening doing something we don’t normally do. One thing that happens a lot when you’re in a band is that you get that one drunken person asking if they can come up and sing a song, because they’re really good singers and do you know something by Celine Dion? Apart from the fact that we don’t know any Celine Dion, very few drunken people can actually sing that well, especially by the end of the evening. We took a punt this time and let Jamie’s better half, Amy, up to sing a song with us. Initially she had asked about doing something by Olivia Newtron-Bomb, so we figured it couldn’t hurt to let her do the female lines in Summer Nights – we only play the one verse, so it would be over quickly if she couldn’t sing!

It turns out that she can sing. Very well. Very well indeed.

A spur of the moment decision saw her sing Hallelujah with Ed figuring out the chords as he went along. To say she brought the house down is an understatement. To end the gig with a spot of real musicality was an odd experience for us, and one I doubt we’ll repeat too frequently, but one we’ll treasure.

We’re hoping to be back in Baschurch in the New Year.

Gav Hedge

Gav Hedge

Next weekend Paul is busy in his other life operating sound for a gymnastics competition oop north, but we have a special treat. Our friend Gav Hedge, from the Scottish town of Forfar, is heading to Shropshire for a weekend of gigs. You can catch him on Friday at The Telegraph in Castlefields, on Saturday at Newport’s New Inn, or at The Wrekin Inn, Wellington on Sunday afternoon. Gav plays acoustic guitar using some kind of voodoo to create his own backing tracks live – it’s a wonder to behold. Ed & Si are providing technical backup and may join in for one or two numbers. This really is a set of gigs not to be missed, not least because they are unlikely to be repeated. Check out our Facebook Page for more details.

October 2014

November 4, 2013

October was a hectic month, so apologies for not getting any updates online. We’ll do a quick roundup here.

The first gig of the month was at regular venue, The Malthouse in Ironbridge. The setup has changed somewhat with a stage area now halfway down one wall, putting the band pretty much in the middle of the pub,m rather than at one end. As a result the sound was far improved and crowd interaction was far easier. We’ve enjoyed ourselves every time we’ve visited the Malthouse, but this has to be our favourite gig there so far.

Devastation at The Malthouse!

Devastation at The Malthouse!

On Saturday things went a little awry. Whilst preparing to leave home for the first gig at The Bridge Inn in Trench, WeeMann took a call from his Mother-In-Law’s to say his son had brought his career as a stuntman to a premature end by falling backwards off a trampoline and breaking his arm. Edcase & Clatter carried on to the pub with the idea of WeeMann catching up later. As it turned out, due to surgery, he couldn’t get away from the hospital until late, joining the guys for the last 4 or 5 songs of the evening. This notwithstanding, the band seemed to go down well and should be back next year.

Sunday’s gig at the Stone Food Festival was similarly marred, although this time Den York was able to join the band as a stand in bass player. The gig was a riot, although a drink left on the sub decided to take a tumble, fusing the electrics a few songs into the set. This was soon remedied and normal service was resumed in time for Clatter to assault a police officer in the name of entertainment. His case is due to be heard in the New Year.

Stone Food Festival

Stone Food Festival

The following week WeeMann was back in place as we took a journey back up to Scotland. Edcase was already on site due to work, so we all met at the venue for Friday’s gig at Legends, Dundee. This was followed by a stellar gig on Saturday at a new venue for us, The Millgate in Arbroath. We didn’t feel many more could have got in to the pub, but we are assured by locals that it could have been even busier! Sunday saw our return to an old favourite, The Chapter & Verse in Forfar. For thoise of you interested in what the pub looks like, you can now have a virtual walk around the Chapter & Verse on Google Maps. You may recognise one of the punters, despite his blurry face, although if you come to our gigs regularly you may only see him as a blur anyway. I’m not convinced any regular followers ever see us sober.

The next two Fridays saw us at a couple of small pubs in Shrewsbury – the Boars Head in Belle Vue and The Wheatsheaf in Frankwell. The Wheatsheaf gig in particular was notable for including a group of people who last saw us at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in August.

This last Friday Clatter was unavailable to play, but we were asked if we’d play for Halloween at Molloy’s in Bury, so Edcase & WeeMann played as a duo. The show has a slightly different feel as a duo, but it was good to see people up and dancing despite the lack of drums and we’re back there in a couple of weeks back up to full strength.

This week we’ll be playing at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury on Friday, The Admiral Duncan in Baschurch on Sunday, then The Wrekin in Wellington on Sunday. Click the links to be taken to the relevant Facebook Events and sign up.

The following weekend we have something special for you. Our friend, Gav Hedge from Forfar, is journeying south to play a series of gigs in the area. Please check out our Facebook page for details and come along and see him. He’s a great entertainer who uses an acoustic guitar and a looping pedal to build up great backing tracks. There may be a guest appearance or two as well.

See you at a gig soon.

A Day In The Life…

June 20, 2013

We documented a recent trip to Shrewsbury. Watch and see what happened. Part II will follow shortly.

A Roundup.

June 16, 2013

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so much so that we haven’t had a chance to blog, so here’s a quick catchup on what’s been going on in Plotland.

Lost The Plot with Gav Hedge

Lost The Plot with Gav Hedge

As far as we know, the world record attempt, of which we were one of many acts, was a success, with the all day variety show beating the old record by over an hour.

The following week saw our return to Scotland to take part in the Forfarfest music festival – 3 days of music in pubs all over Forfar. We played two sets at the Chapter & Verse over the weekend, interspersed with gigs in Dundee. It was exhausting but great fun and we’re currently in the midst of editing a video of our trip, watch this space…

We also took the opportunity to buy some new matching shirts:

A Cheery Chappy!

A Cheery Chappy!

Returning home, the next weekend was another busy one with us starting on Friday evening at The Malthouse in Ironbridge to a packed house (our biggest crowd in there so far), followed by a Saturday afternoon gig at the Newport Carnival and Baschurch’s Admiral Duncan in the evening.

Scream For Me Newport!

Scream For Me Newport!

This weekend was a quiet one – one gig on Friday at The Hen & Chickens in Bridgnorth. The crowd was small but enthusiastic and we’ll be back there again in September.

This week we’re off up to Bury again to Molloys. Last time we played there we were sans drummer, so the locals have no idea what we’ll be like at full strength… Then, on Saturday, we’ll be playing for the Adams Grammar School Summer Ball. Next Wednesday (26th) we’ll be back off up to The Swan in Stone.

Keep an eye on our forthcoming gigs at LostThePlotBand.co.uk/gigs and follow us on Facebook & Twitter and don’t forget to spread the word!

Trevor Horn's got nothing on us!

Trevor Horn’s got nothing on us!

Hit for Six

May 12, 2013

Edcase really needs to learn to think hard before he makes decisions. As a result of a seemingly simple decision made as we finished setting up on Saturday night’s gig in Forton, band members were repeatedly injured throughout the night. But more of this shortly.

Friday was a return gig at The Duke in Oakengates. Our last gig here could so easily have been a disaster due to the heavy snow, but fortunately people came out. It was similar this time, although not due to the weather. Oakengates is seeing fewer people out on a Friday evening at the moment and, as before, the pub was almost deserted as we started playing. Like last time, though, people started turning up during the first set until we had a respectable audience all keen for a good night out. The bar staff surprised us when they showed us that they had kept some masks we left behind in January. By way of revenge for scaring us in this manner, WeeMann took the photo below, asking the barmaids to say cheese as he snapped away. All smiled for the camera before one asked “Why am I smiling with a mask on???”



And so to Saturday. A fundraiser for Forton Cricket Club, with us being booked by our friend Phiz. The decision Ed made? To leave ducks on the tables throughout the room. So that people could throw them at us.

The people in this case being cricketers, who can throw harder and more accurately than the average drunken pub patron. To top it off, Clatter decided to point out that it wouldn’t matter due to the fact that it was only Forton XI, so we’d be safe. WeeMann barely leapt out of the way before Clatter was hit by a hail of ducks. This continued throughout the night, with WeeMann eventually using a safety helmet for protection after being hit by a particularly accurately thrown duck. New balls please:

Cricket Box

Cricket Box

Edcase has been relieved of decision making duties until he can demonstrate an ability to think through the consequences of his actions.

Following this gig we have reached our milestone of 200 likes on Facebook. Our 200th fan, Sarah Foster, will be receiving a small gift shortly.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, we have uploaded a short video from last week’s gig in Aberystwyth filmed by our tame camera man, Dave. Good job as usual, Dave.

We’ve got a couple of weeks’ break now before we head north to Dundee and Forfar to play at the Forfarfest music festival. We loved playing there last year, so are really looking forward to our return trip. We’ll be staying with our good friends Gav and Jen again and playing alongside Gav at the festival. Can’t wait.

For all our local fans, we’ll be back at the Malthouse in Ironbridge on Friday 7 June and then onto the Newport Carnival on the Saturday afternoon before heading to the Admiral Duncan in Baschurch in the evening.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and also at www.losttheplotband.co.uk where you can check out our gig calendar.

See you at a gig soon.

Forfar & Dundee.

November 1, 2012

So, we’re back in Shropshire following a 7 hour drive back from Forfar on Monday.  Wow.  What a weekend.

First of all, thanks for the weekend has to go to our friends Gav and Jen Hedge.  Former Newport residents, the Hedges moved back to Forfar a few years ago and it is they who organised our weekend, booking the gigs and giving us a place to stay, very kindly putting us up in a converted barn they have in their back garden.  Thank you guys.

Our first gig, on Friday night, was at their local, the Chapter & Verse in Forfar.  Not a huge audience, but as warm and welcoming a crowd as we’ve met.  Gav started the evening off with a short set of his acoustic songs.  He plays using a looping pedal, laying down rhythms and basslines to play over, creating a really full, textured sound.

Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse

Granted, the crowd consisted of many of his friends, but they loved his performance (as did we) and he left them nicely warmed up for our set.  The gig went by in a bit of a blur, with ducks, rhino and dog playing their usual role (Gav catching the dog square in the face following its drowning).

Bouzouki Power!!!

Bouzouki Power!!!

Saturday started quietly, with a stroll into Forfar for lunch in the Vine & Monkey, the venue for our forthcoming Sunday gig.  Here we met Ellis and his mega burgers.  These burgers were actually taller than WeeMann & Clatter and climbing gear was required to reach the onion rings stored within.  Edcase followed this with an apple crumble which was swimming in a sea of custard that would have put the Mediterranean to shame.

We later travelled down to Dundee for the evening’s gig at Legends.  A short trip over the river to see what Dundee looked like from the other side before setting up and blasting out our bouzouki powered stylings left the Dundonians stunned.  Who are these idiots?!



The pub was empty as we finished soundchecking, but by the end of the first set had filled to capacity.  Another very warm, welcoming crowd, all insisting we return at some point soon.  So far, this tour was going well.  What would tomorrow bring?

Well, tomorrow (last Sunday as I type this) brought another cracking gig.  Back at the Vine and Monkey (not having eaten again in the preceding 24 hours due to the burgers) we were performing for the afternoon.  Like Friday, the crowd wasn’t huge, but very much into the silliness.  The gig was made more interesting by the Halloween decorations strewn about the pub.  The low ceiling was covered in great clouds of cotton wool and these were constantly getting entangled in our hair and instruments.

Clatter & WeeMann in Forfar

Clatter & WeeMann in Forfar

We finished off our visit by an evening in the Vine & Monkey joining in with a jam session, getting the chance to jam with some local musicians – great fun.

All in all, the weekend was a success, although the seven hour journey home on Monday was a subdued affair. We will be returning to Forfar and the surrounding area in June next year, please see our Gigs Page for details.

Us with our host, Gav.

Us with our host, Gav.

So, back onto home turf, Friday sees us at the Telegraph Vaults in Shrewsbury, a new venue for us:

On Sunday we’ll be making our second début of the weekend at Ironbridge’s Malthouse.  This is our first trip to Ironbridge, so we hope to make it a success.

Edcase & Jen

Edcase & Jen

Also, don’t forget that we’re playing a fundraiser at the Burton Borough School in Newport next Friday (the 9th).  At £10 per ticket you get us, the school Big Band and a curry.  What could be better?

Details are available here.

Today we’re hitting the road to head north to Dundee for a short tour north of the border.

After an overnight break tonight, we’ll be driving the final few miles to Forfar tomorrow for our first gig at the Chapter & Verse in Castle Street.  This will be followed by our Saturday night appearance at Legends, a bar in Dundee’s Dock Street:

Legends, Dundee

Assuming we’re still fit, on Sunday we’ll be returning to Forfar for our farewell gig at the Vine & Monkey in West High Street.  Fittingly, they server Loons Ale, brewed exclusively for two Forfar pubs.  I think we may have to try a pint or three.

If you can’t make it to Dundee to follow us, firstly, you clearly aren’t devoted enough, but secondly we’ll be back in Shrewsbury next week at the Telegraph Vaults.  Details will follow next week.

Keep your eye on our Twitter page for news as it happens over the weekend.

Assuming we stay sober enough to use it.

Autumn Update

October 18, 2012

So, the autumn is upon us, the clocks will be going back next weekend and the band are having a well deserved weekend off. Clatter is planning to use his time wisely, bringing Moby Dick back to life after she broke down on the way to our recent gig at The Talbot Inn and resting his damaged knee, WeeMann is heading south to become Godfather to his nephew, following an afternoon at a beer festival and Edcase will, doubtless, be figuring out what other songs he can play on Flash, his pet bouzouki.

Clatter & Moby Dick

Clatter & Moby Dick in happier times.

Assuming Clatter gets Dick working again, we’ll be heading north in a week’s time to commence our Scotch North Of The Border Tour 2012, taking in such prestigious venues as Legends in Dundee and the Chapter & Verse and Vine & Monkey in Forfar. Having learnt important lessons during the recent Welsh Tour Of Wales the band should be leaner, slicker and more professional. Time will tell…

Our diary is filling up rapidly for November and December, with the Non-Festive International Xmas Tour 2012 kicking off in style at The Bell & Talbot in Bridgnorth on Saturday 24 November, visiting Shrewsbury, Aberystwyth, Wellington, Moreton, St. Georges and Oakengates, before climaxing at our first gig in Staffordshire. Please have a look at the Lost The Plot Gig Page for details.

Finally, if you know of a pub, club or party that would benefit from the company of three idiots, please send us the details to edcase@losttheplotband.co.uk and point them in the direction of our website. We’re already working on filling the diary for 2013 and would love to be able to fit in some new venues.

If you can’t make it to Dundee, we’ll see you again at our next local gig on Friday 2 November at Shrewsbury’s Telegraph Vaults.

In November, we’ll be playing as part of an evening of music and curry at Burton Borough School, performing alongside the school’s much praised Big Band.  It’s a ticket only event priced at £10 for the evening.  Please e-mail us on info@losttheplotband.co.uk for details and tickets.


MOBY DICK LIVES!!!  The Dick has been returned to Clatter’s home in a fully functioning state.  Clatter was unavailable for comment as we went to press, but was last seen stroking his beloved van, weeping quietly to himself and mumbling something about never forgetting to oil her again.

Fingers crossed we make it to Dundee and back…

In the last of our series of articles, this week we focus on WeeMann, bass and triangle player for the band. Find out what happened to the multi-million pound inheritance to which he was heir and what happened when he announced his dislike for cider.  All this and more on our Band Pages.



Coming soon we will have articles on our guest musicians. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

A couple of successful gigs this week.  Friday’s first trip to The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury went very well indeed, with the crowd getting into our brand of stupid from the start.  Saturday started a little badly as our van broke down on the way to the gig at The Talbot in St. Georges. Landlord Alan kindly lent us his van to help get the gear to the pub while Clatter waited for the breakdown van, but once we got set up things went well.

These gigs saw the introduction of Edcase’s bouzouki, christened Flash, into the band’s arsenal. A different sound to the guitar, it’s basically a larger, lower tuned mandolin and gives a great new colour to songs like Irish Rover and Saturday’s new addition to the set, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.

We leave for our epic Scotch North Of The Border Tour 2012 next week.  If you’re in the Dundee area, check out Gigs Calendar for details of dates and venues.

Fresh back from their groundbreaking Welsh Tour Of Wales 2012, the band are now preparing for the Scotch North Of The Border Tour at the end of October.

Prior to this are gigs at The Duke, Oakengates (Fri 5 Oct), The Old Post Office, Shrewsbury (Fri 12) and The Talbot Inn, St. Georges (Sat 13).  See our Gig Calendar for more details.

This week also sees the start of our series of articles focussing on the various band members.  Firstly it’s the turn of our Lord and High Master, the band’s MD, Ed “Case” Conway.  Find out where he grew up, why he’s as grumpy as he appears to be and what caused his head to swell to twice its original size in our Band Pages.

Next week, Clatter.