A Weekend in Wales.

May 6, 2013

Wales. Home of beautiful mountains, rain and site of Scholars Bar, where Clatter destroyed his knee in a tambourine based accident.

The weekend started with our first appearance at Brynrodyn Caravn Park in Borth. The sound and light systems in the hall were designed and installed by our good friend Den, so we knew that we would look and sound great (as far as we can).

The Stage at Brynrodyn

The Stage at Brynrodyn

We’ll be back at Bryrodyn in July and August. Can’t wait.

After a morning stroll along the beach on Saturday we travelled into Aberystwyth to return to Scholars. Being a town centre pub, the audience can be a bit hit and miss. In fact, on our last visit we ended up with one guy sitting at a table right in front of us reading his paper, totally uninterested in us. This time the audience was great. During the first half a group of drunken farming students arrived in fancy dress, closely followed by the police, asking us to turn down. While the students left before the second set, more people came in to enjoy the remainder of the evening, including, surprisingly, Newspaper Man sans newspaper!

On Sunday we drove back to Wellington to play at a post-wedding party for Ian and Jane. Ed fell asleep during the journey, so WeeMann and Clatter decided to play Buckaroo with him. Clatter won with this stunning balancing act using rolls of electrical tape:



The party was great. In our opinion, easily our best performance of the weekend with a great (in every sense of the word) audience. The weather was great and people were spilling out into the car park in their hundreds. To top it off they also had a hog roast, so we finished our set early in order to get some crackling.

Clatter did what Clatter often does in situations like this – trying to injure people. Throwing a duck into the audience to the shout of “Duck!!!” he inadvertently hit in the face a lady who couldn’t duck, standing with the aid of crutches following an operation. This was later compounded when we discovered that Gordon, whom he hit over the head with a beer tray, was in the process of recovering from a brain embolism. Clatter has been reprimanded, but we’re not sure this will actually do any good.

Next week we return to The Duke in Oakengates on Friday before playing at a fund raiser for Forton Cricket Club on Saturday (tickets £6 to non-members, available from the club).

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Man Down!!!

April 14, 2013

This was always going to be tricky. Once Ed and Si had visited Paul following his hospital visit, it became clear that he wouldn’t be fit for Friday’s gig at Molloy’s in Bury.

Paul went in on Monday to have an operation on his knee to fix damage caused when he fell during a gig last year. The operation went well, but on leaving hospital he passed out, landing on his face. If he didn’t look pretty before, the look is exaggerated now:

Recovering Idiot

Although the damage to his face looks nasty, it’s the knee that is the problem – he wasn’t fit to travel, much less play drums and run around like an idiot. We took the decision to take on the gig without him, as a duo. Theoretically it should work, but we’d never actually tried it before. Then, a couple of days before the gig, Ed’s daughter, Megan, offered her services as stand-in-idiot.


We weren’t sure how it would go, but gave it everything we could, introducing Megan a few songs in to join Ed on Puttin’ On The Style. Dressed in pyjamas (it was past her bedtime), she did a cracking job of hitting her Dad over the head with a baking tray snaffled from the pub kitchen (our bar trays were in Clatter’s drum case back home…) and impressed immensely with the way she slotted into the band, despite never having watched our set all the way through. Megan even added an extra dimension to the band when she brought out her flute and trumpet for a couple of songs. Great stuff.

The audience seemed to enjoy the stupidity, although those we spoke to afterwards couldn’t believe that we were only 2/3 as stupid as normal. They’ve got a treat in store when we return on 21 June with Clatter in tow.

The Bury Crowd

We’re having a week off next week, so our next gig is at The Dun Cow in Shrewsbury on Friday 26th, a venue we last visited last August. We sincerely hope Clatter will be fit enough to play at this one and we don’t have to rely again on a hastily put together mannequin:

Fake Clatter

Xmas Is Coming…

December 13, 2012

The last couple of weeks have been hectic.

The start of December saw our return to The Telegraph in Castlefields, Shrewsbury.  This was a Sunday Afternoon gig and we didn’t really know what to expect – our previous visit had been tied in to a retirement party and the pub is quite large, so a crowd of 20, which may look great in a small pub, would look tiny in here.  As we soon found out, the pub gets quite busy on a Sunday afternoon and we had a great time.  It ended in spectacular fashion too, as Landlord Alan treated us to a curry afterwards (more of which later).

Last weekend was a biggie.  During the week, Edcase played on Wednesday with Weezel Diesel and WeeMann played on Thursday with Fat Fighters.  On Friday we got together with our good friends Rich Evans and Si Carswell to perform a special gig at the Harper Adams University Xmas Ball.  The set was made up from songs that Rich plays solo and with Weezel Diesel as well as a few Plot standards.  The party was a big one (approx. 1800 tickets sold) although we’d guess at about 800 – 1000 in the marquee where we played.  We’d only managed 3 rehearsals and weren’t expecting this to be earth shattering, but we had the crowd bouncing from the first notes until we left the stage, with them still shouting for more.

Harper Adams

Harper Adams

On Saturday we drove down to Aberystwyth to return to the scene of Clatter’s accident, Scholars.  The gig went pretty much as expected, but what amused us most was the gentleman who entered the pub with a paper under his arm.  After getting a pint he proceeded to sit down at the table right in front of us and read, completely oblivious to the maelstrom around him.  When we tried to engage him, all we got were angry scowls.  A pub with many empty tables round the other side of the bar and upstairs, and he chooses to sit right in front of us… There’s nothing so queer as folk!

The trip home on Sunday took us to The Wrekin.  This was possibly our best gig here to date.  The audience were warm and receptive and silliness prevailed.  not only this, but on the day that Sir Patrick Moore passed away, a generous fan brought us a Space Duck – a rubber duck dressed for a moon landing.  We dedicated Whole Of The Moon to Moore and Space Duck took centre stage on Edcase’s monitor.

Sir Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick Moore

This week we’re off to Moreton to play at the Music Club Millenium Hall on Friday, before our third gig at The Talbot in St. Georges on Saturday and a fantastic end to the weekend on Sunday.

Going back to the talk of curry, whilst at the Cafe Saffron with Alan after our Telegraph gig, the waiter asked Alan if he knew of any bands he could recommend.  “These guys are a great band” he said, waving his hand round the table.  As a result, we have been asked to play for the opening of their new restaurant within the Admiral Duncan pub in Baschurch.

What could be better?  Beer, curry and great music.

Then we’ll turn the jukebox off and start playing.


October 7, 2012

Come back tomorrow to read the life story of our pet drummer, Clatter, tragically injured in a freak tambourine accident during last week’s Welsh Tour Of Wales 2012.

Last week we embarked on our first international tour, the Welsh Tour Of Wales 2012, taking in such esteemed venues as Rummers Wine Bar and The Scholars in Aberyswyth.

Although the gigs were a success (people clapped and stayed in the bars), injury was the theme of the tour, with Clatter tearing the ligaments in his left knee whilst performing his famed tambourine solo during American Pie.

Here, for your delectation, is a video of our opening number, Road To Nowhere.  As well as being our opening number, this is also our mission statement.

A nice surprise was the visit to our opening gig of Suggs, from Madness.  Sadly, being a singer, he came in late, 5 minutes after we finished playing.  Never mind.

Clatter & Suggs

Clatter & Suggs

We’ll be back in Aber for the 7th and 8th of December as part of our Non-Festive International Xmas Tour 2012.  Please check our gigs page for more details.