This is how the end of 2014 went:


Ed Looks Happy

We don’t like cancelling gigs, it’s one of our pet hates, so it was quite painful to find that we had to do this for the second time in a month, with illness causing us to miss our last gig of the year at Bury’s Molloys on Friday 7th. What made this even worse was the fact that we’d very cleverly arranged a Saturday night gig in the town for the first time in order to make the trip work…

By Saturday we were back up to a reasonable level of strength, so headed up to play at Bury Bowls Club. On the very night that the local fireworks display was being held up the hill with plenty of bands on an outdoors stage. As a result, the audience wasn’t as big as the organisers were expecting, but it was still a reasonable size. The room was low ceilinged and intimate and we had a great time dealing with people who had no idea what to expect.

"We've Brought Ducks!"

“We’ve Brought Ducks!”

A week later and we were back in Tipton at the Kings Head. The pub has been taken over by new owners and the atmosphere was a little different, with a much louder, more appreciative audience than normal. Considering a large chunk of the people present had been to most of our gigs here, it seemed odd, but it turned out to be our favourite here so far.

Next was The Malthouse. The last time we played here was as hot as we’ve ever experienced, but it was the end of the summer. This time it should be cooler, shouldn’t it? No. Apparently not. Not quite as hot as last time, but that’s saying little. Another soaking wet, great fun gig.

And so, onto a pub we haven’t visited for a time. The Hen and Chickens in Bridgnorth (now renamed The Friars) is a very small pub and we always found it to be very quiet, but it has recently been taken over by a new owner who was adamant she wanted us to play there. We turned up to discover that the town’s Christmas lights were being switched on and the top end of the road the pub is situated in was blocked by vehicles dealing with this. On the whole this wouldn’t cause us a problem as we had our usual spot to park in, albeit on double yellows in front of a gated car park. Normally this isn’t a problem as the car park isn’t used during the evenings, and of course it’s legal to use double yellows whilst offloading, but this time there was a car inside the car park. Whilst unloading, we kept our eyes open for the owner returning, which he did as we were getting the last bits out. As we crossed the road, a group of girls came round the van complaining that Santa was being grumpy. Paul went to investigate to find him on the phone reading out our numberplate. Paul asked him whether he would like us to move for him and was met by a very rude comment in return. Si tried again. This time he was off the phone but still as abusive. We moved to let him out, but soon all received texts from Paul’s wife explaining that the police had received a complaint that our van was illegally parked. Christmas won’t be the same again for us.

Unlike last time, the pub was rammed. Seriously rammed. We barely had enough room for even a stripped down setup, but managed and succeeded in winning over a great audience.



A week later and we were back in Aberystwyth playing at Rummers. We were originally booked to play both Friday and Saturday nights, but were asked if we could cancel the Saturday night as local legends Aber Jazz were performing their final ever gig. We saw this as a great opportunity to go our for the evening to see some live music and enjoy some beer and food, unworried about having to play. After a curry we headed down to catch the end of the support band’s performance (some lovely harp and bass playing) before Aber Jazz took the stage. I’d recommend you catch these guys, but as this was their last gig, it would be pointless. The pub was rammed and we ended up deciding to move on as Paul and Si were unable to see a thing past the taller people. Whilst deciding where to go next we bumped into a group of students who’d come to see us the previous night and joined them for some more beer in another pub before catching the train home. Sunday saw us stopping of at The Telegraph in Shrewsbury on the way home.



The following Friday saw our return to The Barley in Newport to what was possibly our best audience there yet and then we were into the last week of gigs before Christmas.

Unfortunately, Ed has a habit of getting ill in the run up to Christmas and this year was no exception. Thursday at The Crown was as good a gig as ever and all seemed fine, but as we headed for The Old Post Office the next night (with tame keyboardist Si Carswell in tow for a rare appearance) it was clear that a cold was starting to manifest.

By Saturday at The Swan, Stone, Ed’s voice was starting to crack and finally became a tuneful croak by Sunday’s gig at The Green Man in Milwich. Fortunately the pub was full of caring friends and bar staff who kept his throat lubricated with whiskey all evening. Rumours that Ed consumed a full bottle of 1923 single malt unaided are greatly exaggerated – the whisky was far younger.

And that was it. Christmas was upon us. We had a get together after Christmas with our families for some curry, wine and silly games (and Ed was still ill) and before we knew it 2014 was over.

We’ve been together almost three years now and our diary for 2015 is almost full, so this would be a good time to tell you all that we’re quitting the music game and becoming a touring band of jugglers. Except that no-one has ever accused us of being musical.

See you in 2015.

Happy New Year from Ed, Paul, Si and Hugo.


Merry New Year!

Merry New Year!


December Gigs

December 1, 2014

Xmas Duck

Xmas Duck

Christmas is almost upon us and here’s what we’re planning in the way of celebration:

Friday 5 December – Rummers Wine Bar, Aberystwyth

Sunday 7 December – The Telegraph, Shrewsbury

Friday 12 December – The Barley, Newport

Thursday 18 December – The Crown, Oakengates

Friday 19 December – The Old Post Office, Shrewsbury

Saturday 20 December – The Swan Inn, Stone

Sunday 21 December – The Green Man, Milwich

You can find the locations of all these venues and more at

After a weekend off we returned at full strength to Shrewsbury’s Dun Cow in Abbey Foregate. When I say full strength, all I mean is that Clatter was with us again. He’s not yet fully recovered, but is well enough to play.

Last time we visited the Dun Cow was last August bank holiday weekend – it was tipping it down and there was something big going on in town, so we ended up playing to about 5 people (bar staff included). This time, however, the place was full to bursting and the crowd loved everything, including a couple of new numbers which got their first airing tonight.

Patting ourselves on the back, we decided to stop at McDonalds in Wellington for some grub on the way home. As we moved between the Drive-Thru windows, Ed commented on a funny noise from under the bonnet. We decided to pull just round the corner to check it out, which is when Ed discovered the lack of power steering. “Let’s pull up over there,” said Paul, pointing at a lay-by. We went sailing by. Turns out the brakes had gone too.

When we finally pulled up (all of us with our feet dragging on the ground, Flintstones-style) we quickly found the problem – a shredded auxiliary belt. On the plus side, the breakdown truck was pretty quick, but on the downside, he only had room to take two of us. WeeMann had to call a cab to travel the last few minutes home. Good old Moby Dick.

The Broken Belt

The Broken Belt

As a result we had to take two cars to Saturday’s gig at The Green Man in Milwich, Staffs. A tight squeeze, but we got everything in, including our pet photographer, Dave:

Dave The Camera

Dave The Camera

Our last gig here was our last gig of 2012, where a coach party stopped off halfway through the first set and didn’t leave. This time the locals had heard about us and filled the place. Rather than try to describe how it went, here’s a video that Dave has put together from the night:

This weekend we’re off to Welsh Wales again. On this visit we’re playing at Brynrodyn Caravan Park on Friday and Scholars on Saturday. Fingers crossed that Newspaper Man doesn’t come along again. If he does, we’ll bloody well get him involved this time!

On the way home we’re popping back into The Wrekin Inn in Wellington for a party. We’ll be on about 3:00.

See you soon.

That Was 2012…

December 24, 2012

Well, that just about wraps it up for 2012.  Our final two gigs were on Thursday at The Crown in Oakengates and Saturday at The Green Man in Milwich, our first visit to Staffordshire.

The Crown doubled as a leaving party for our friend, Chris Payne, who is moving to Abu Dhabi in the new year.  As usual, the crowd were great, getting into our brand of humour from the get go.  Ed made several references to his new rubber chicken (or Cock, as it has been christened).  Cue endless jokes about squeezing/holding/waving/stroking/treading on* Ed’s Cock.  The fun never starts!

*delete as applicable.

Of vital importance to the band was the addition of a new ale into the pub’s repertoire – Arkwright’s Tarquin F’Tang F’Tang Ole Biscuitbarrel.  On name alone we had to try it and, as should be expected in The Crown, we weren’t disappointed.  A lovely English Pale ale, we had to try a couple, just to make sure it did taste as good as we first thought.  It did.

The only sad part of the evening was the fact that Chris, unfortunately, had a dodgy pint which made him rather ill.  He can’t remember if it was the 14th or 15th.

The Crown 20 12 12

The Crown – photo by Chris Payne

On Saturday we braved floods to travel to Milwich in Staffordshire for our final gig of 2012 at The Green Man. We walked in to find a very small, old fashioned pub and spent 5 minutes nursing a pint of Doom Bar whilst figuring out how we would fit without preventing people getting into the pub.  We worked it out and were soon kicking into Road To Nowhere.  People came in from the other bar after eating and, about 4 or 5 songs in, a large group of people arrived.

“What happened?” asked Ed, “Did a coach break down outside?” Chatting to a couple of people in the interval it turned out he wasn’t far from the truth – a coach trip had become a pub crawl – these people would soon be leaving.  Or so they thought.  As the second set developed they stayed, stunned at what they saw, wondering whether it would get any more sensible…

This audience was probably a microcosm of the audience Lost The Plot aim to please – we had people from 19 to 90 watching and, without exception, getting into everything we did.  WeeMann picked out the person who would catch our drowned dog during Irish Rover, a young lad in with his mates.  Unfortunately he missed and hit a frail, if feisty,  90 year old lady perched next to him on a bar stool, nearly knocking her to the floor.  Fortunately she took it in good humour.

We couldn’t have asked or hoped for a better way to end the year than this gig and we’ll certainly be returning.

So with those two gigs Lost The Plot is finished for 2012.  We’re going to have a rest over the Xmas period and come back refreshed in the new year.  We start 2013 the way we finished 2012 – with a party!  In fact, we’ve been asked to perform for The Malthouse’s staff Xmas party.  Our first public gig is on Fri 11th at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury followed by a return to Oakengates on the 18th at The Duke and The Malthouse on the 25th.

On the 26th we’re off up to Coton, just outside Whitchurch, to visit The Dog & Bull for the first time and we finish off January with our next gig at The Wrekin in Wellington.

You can keep an eye on our gigs at and you can explore the site and find out more about the band.

The rest of 2013 is looking fairly busy, with over 40 gigs already in the diary, so you needn’t miss out on your dose of silly next year.  February sees the first anniversary of the formation of the band and we have a special event planned, so keep your eye on our website for more details as we get closer

We’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s come to see us this year, from people who have returned on several occasions (fools!) to those who have stumbled in unaware of what was going on (Newspaper Man in Aberyswyth).  We’ve really enjoyed our first year as a band, from the highs to the lows, everything has given us a laugh and that couldn’t happen without you, the audience.

If you like us, please share the link to our blog across Facebook, Twitter or any other website you’ve got access to, tell people about us, drag people along to see us and generally spread the word.  That word being ‘Stupid!’

We love you all,

Ed, Paul & Si.


Ed, Paul & Si.

Ed, Paul & Si.