This is how the end of 2014 went:


Ed Looks Happy

We don’t like cancelling gigs, it’s one of our pet hates, so it was quite painful to find that we had to do this for the second time in a month, with illness causing us to miss our last gig of the year at Bury’s Molloys on Friday 7th. What made this even worse was the fact that we’d very cleverly arranged a Saturday night gig in the town for the first time in order to make the trip work…

By Saturday we were back up to a reasonable level of strength, so headed up to play at Bury Bowls Club. On the very night that the local fireworks display was being held up the hill with plenty of bands on an outdoors stage. As a result, the audience wasn’t as big as the organisers were expecting, but it was still a reasonable size. The room was low ceilinged and intimate and we had a great time dealing with people who had no idea what to expect.

"We've Brought Ducks!"

“We’ve Brought Ducks!”

A week later and we were back in Tipton at the Kings Head. The pub has been taken over by new owners and the atmosphere was a little different, with a much louder, more appreciative audience than normal. Considering a large chunk of the people present had been to most of our gigs here, it seemed odd, but it turned out to be our favourite here so far.

Next was The Malthouse. The last time we played here was as hot as we’ve ever experienced, but it was the end of the summer. This time it should be cooler, shouldn’t it? No. Apparently not. Not quite as hot as last time, but that’s saying little. Another soaking wet, great fun gig.

And so, onto a pub we haven’t visited for a time. The Hen and Chickens in Bridgnorth (now renamed The Friars) is a very small pub and we always found it to be very quiet, but it has recently been taken over by a new owner who was adamant she wanted us to play there. We turned up to discover that the town’s Christmas lights were being switched on and the top end of the road the pub is situated in was blocked by vehicles dealing with this. On the whole this wouldn’t cause us a problem as we had our usual spot to park in, albeit on double yellows in front of a gated car park. Normally this isn’t a problem as the car park isn’t used during the evenings, and of course it’s legal to use double yellows whilst offloading, but this time there was a car inside the car park. Whilst unloading, we kept our eyes open for the owner returning, which he did as we were getting the last bits out. As we crossed the road, a group of girls came round the van complaining that Santa was being grumpy. Paul went to investigate to find him on the phone reading out our numberplate. Paul asked him whether he would like us to move for him and was met by a very rude comment in return. Si tried again. This time he was off the phone but still as abusive. We moved to let him out, but soon all received texts from Paul’s wife explaining that the police had received a complaint that our van was illegally parked. Christmas won’t be the same again for us.

Unlike last time, the pub was rammed. Seriously rammed. We barely had enough room for even a stripped down setup, but managed and succeeded in winning over a great audience.



A week later and we were back in Aberystwyth playing at Rummers. We were originally booked to play both Friday and Saturday nights, but were asked if we could cancel the Saturday night as local legends Aber Jazz were performing their final ever gig. We saw this as a great opportunity to go our for the evening to see some live music and enjoy some beer and food, unworried about having to play. After a curry we headed down to catch the end of the support band’s performance (some lovely harp and bass playing) before Aber Jazz took the stage. I’d recommend you catch these guys, but as this was their last gig, it would be pointless. The pub was rammed and we ended up deciding to move on as Paul and Si were unable to see a thing past the taller people. Whilst deciding where to go next we bumped into a group of students who’d come to see us the previous night and joined them for some more beer in another pub before catching the train home. Sunday saw us stopping of at The Telegraph in Shrewsbury on the way home.



The following Friday saw our return to The Barley in Newport to what was possibly our best audience there yet and then we were into the last week of gigs before Christmas.

Unfortunately, Ed has a habit of getting ill in the run up to Christmas and this year was no exception. Thursday at The Crown was as good a gig as ever and all seemed fine, but as we headed for The Old Post Office the next night (with tame keyboardist Si Carswell in tow for a rare appearance) it was clear that a cold was starting to manifest.

By Saturday at The Swan, Stone, Ed’s voice was starting to crack and finally became a tuneful croak by Sunday’s gig at The Green Man in Milwich. Fortunately the pub was full of caring friends and bar staff who kept his throat lubricated with whiskey all evening. Rumours that Ed consumed a full bottle of 1923 single malt unaided are greatly exaggerated – the whisky was far younger.

And that was it. Christmas was upon us. We had a get together after Christmas with our families for some curry, wine and silly games (and Ed was still ill) and before we knew it 2014 was over.

We’ve been together almost three years now and our diary for 2015 is almost full, so this would be a good time to tell you all that we’re quitting the music game and becoming a touring band of jugglers. Except that no-one has ever accused us of being musical.

See you in 2015.

Happy New Year from Ed, Paul, Si and Hugo.


Merry New Year!

Merry New Year!

November Gigs

October 28, 2014

Some dates for your diary.

Friday 7 November – Molloys, Bury

Saturday 8 November – Bury Bowls Club

Friday 14 November – The Kings Arms, Tipton

Saturday 15 November – The Malthouse, Ironbridge

Friday 21 November – The Friars, Bridgnorth

Saturday 29 November – The Britannia, Shrewsbury

Sunday 30 November – The Oddfellows Arms, Wellington

You can find the locations of all these venues and more at

So, September. We did a few gigs. Here’s a run down.

Friday 5th – Molloys, Bury.

We’ve played at Molloys about half a dozen times now and it all comes down to one thing – chicken tikka kebabs on the journey home. The gig is fairly predictable inasmuch as the pub almost always fills to capacity and everyone gets drinking and dancing. How well the journey is rated by us all comes down to whether Ali’s Kebabish is open. Despite some excellent chicken tikka kebabs elsewhere, we have yet to discover anything as good as theirs. The shop looks like the sort of place you shouldn’t enter unless extremely drunk and hungry, but was our only option after an early Bury visit and we discovered that the old maxim of not judging books was true.

Sadly, our post on Facebook the next morning says it all:

Ali's Kebabish

Ali’s Kebabish

We’re back on November 7, so we’ll try again.

Still, the next day we were heading to Bayston Hill for a return to The Beeches. We had a great time on our first visit in January and this was no different. A great crowd (including Hilary Doyle and her husband) made it a great evening and we returned home far happier than we had the previous night.

Friday 12th – Private Function.

You know you must be doing something right when people try to book you for a birthday party and end up delaying the party by 2-3 months so they can ensure you’re the entertainment. This was a 40th in Shrewsbury in a hall that none of us knew existed.

Morris Hall is accessed through an easily missed gateway next to a flower shop in Bellstone, along a path, up a stone staircase and through the hall. The get in wasn’t fun, but what a beautiful building. Don’t ask us to play there again. Ever. The beauty of the building doesn’t offset the fact that two of us had asthma attacks carrying the gear in and the other had a small coronary.

The crowd, however, did offset the pain, they were great. I don’t know how it’s taken this long for someone to realise it, but throwing ducks one at a time doesn’t work. Throwing a full bucket’s worth in one go, however…

Friday 19 September – The Barley.

We love a nice intimate gig.  A small pub with 15 or 20 people where we can get right in their faces and get them involved is manna from Heaven for us.  10 people (6 of whom are family) in a pub the size of a small town, however, isn’t fun.

If you play in a band, these gigs happen from time to time.  They’re never fun, but they do remind you of how good the good ones are.  Next time we play at the Barley, we hope to try something a little different in order to pull people in…

Taking away the positives from the gig, Ed used his new mic stand for the first time.  His old one is struggling to do the ‘stand’ part of the name these days, so he invested in a smart new one with a quick release clip.  We have no idea why you’d want to quickly release that particular part of the stand, but if we should ever need to, by golly it’ll be apart in a fraction of a second.

The Quickly Released Mic Stand

The Quickly Released Mic Stand

The difference between this gig and the next night were like the difference between night and day.  We love The Malthouse in Ironbridge (this is our official band view).  We’ve not had a duff gig here and this was fantastic.  The pub was full to bursting with people up for dancing, singing and throwing ducks.  Friends and work colleagues came along and so did some temperature.

Discussing the gig afterwards, we agreed that we couldn’t ever recall playing such a hot gig.  Our clothes were as wet as if we’d been doused in a bucket of water.  It was that bad, that Paul even changed into a dry shirt afterwards – a rare occurrence.

On Tuesday we popped along to the Newport Open Mic at the Navy Club.  We’ve visited a few times over the years, but rarely play there as LTP, so we decided to do a few numbers, just bass, drums and mandolin – no ducks, toys or hats.  The reception was good and we even got invited to back a guitarist who’s just moved back into the area, Dave White.  We did about 4 numbers with him, including Fisherman’s Blues, which was filmed by Dave The Camera:

This Friday we’re back at The Kings Arms in Tipton and Ed will be taking his Unfastened Trousers folk act out for another airing on Sunday.  There are 6 tickets left if you’re quick enough.  On their FB page they have posted the following:

Very nice if slightly unorthodox gig coming up this Sunday …. Salt village hall staffordshire …full 2 coarse roast lunch then an afternoon set by the unlawful men. Its virtually sold out already but the organisers tell they could manage one more table max of 6 people if there is any one who loves folk music and hates cooking !
Proceeds from the event are going to fund vaccination supplies to africa.

See you at a gig soon!

Where did April go? One minute we were taking a long, arduous journey back from Wales, suddenly it’s May! Here’s a quick roundup of what we’ve been up to.

Fri 11th – The Dun Cow Shrewsbury. Almost a month ago. I have no idea. It can’t have been a bad gig or I’d remember.

Sat 12th – Private Function, Eccleshall. Only a day later, what do you want from me??? We were in a large room for someone’s 40th. There was beer and sausage rolls. And sandwiches. Always sandwiches.



Sun 13th – The Wrekin Inn, Wellington. Our last gig here before Sam leaves for pastures new (Bridgnorth). If you’ve seen one of our gigs here, you’ll know how it went. We decided to randomise the set a little, a trick which always keeps it fresh for us and those people who see us regularly.

Easter Weekend – Nothing. We ate chocolate and spent time with our families.

Sat 26th – Si travelled to Essex to play with his old band, Alchemy, for a one off fund raiser. Much louder than LTP, his hearing is still recovering.

Left Handed Si

Left Handed Si

Fri 2nd May – Ah, a little more recent! The crowd at Molloys are always great and security tell us that the pub was at capacity as they were having to turn people away. A sell out is always a great feeling. A sore throat, however, isn’t. Especially when it belongs to Ed, singer of all the songs. He got through it admirably, however.

Sat 3rd May – The George, Bridgnorth. Ed really not feeling well for our first visit to The George, but again makes it through brilliantly. Paul and Si have both played here previously in its previous guises as The Hollyhead and The Apple Shed, but the pub has had a (very classy) makeover in the intervening years. It’s not often we play in pubs where our feet don’t stick to the carpet – this was more like the carpet in your front room (you know, the good room that you only use when guests are round). On arrival it looked like a very small space to play in, but we fit in surprisingly well and enjoyed a good sized, attentive crowd. We’re hoping to be back next year.



This week we have three return visits to look forward to. Friday is The Malthouse in Ironbridge, Saturday is The Kings Arms in Tipton, and Sunday is The Telegraph in Castlefields, Shrewsbury.

As you may already know, May 19 sees the release of Ed’s first Unlawful Men album, Rope Or A Ladder. Keep up to date by visiting them on Facebook:

Rope Or A Ladder

Rope Or A Ladder

Update Early December

December 8, 2013

I know it’s been a while, but we’ve been busy in the background at Plot Towers recently, so it’s about time for a quick update ahead of the Xmas period.

Welsh Dragon

Welsh Dragon

After waving Gav off the previous week, the weekend of the 22nd was host to just one gig. Paul was working on sound for the British Gymnastics team, so we only played on the Friday at Molloy’s in Bury. Si and Paul headed off during the day to Leicester to set up for Paul’s weekend, before driving north to Bury to meet Ed for the gig. As is often the case here, the pub was rammed and a great time was had by all. Poor old Paul headed back to Leicester to get a couple of hours’ of pushing out the zeds before his weekend of playing DJ, while Ed and Si headed home.

For the end of November we headed to Aberystwyth for a 2-night residency at Rummers. As a surprise, Den York joined us again – he had been due to be working abroad, but we were very happy to have him add his guitar talents to our cacophony once more. The Friday night saw the return of Paul’s famous tambourine solo. Hopefully this will be seen in the set more frequently in 2014 – it’s a sight not to be missed.

Tambourine Solo

Tambourine Solo

On Sunday we returned to Shropshire, stopping off at The Telegraph in Shrewsbury. We’ve not had a duff gig here yet and this afternoon was no different – a great crowd in both size and enthusiasm.

This week we started off the weekend at The Duke in Oakengates for what was possibly our best audience here so far. Most of the evening seemed to be taken up by trying to prevent people stealing our toys and hats, but it all seemed to be in good humour.

Ed 'n' Den

Ed ‘n’ Den

On Saturday we returned to The Boars Head in Shrewsbury. Some of our regular friends came along with others in tow and, although the audience was small, it was perfectly formed. A little like Paul, in fact, who decided to take this weekend as the opportunity to try out his new stage gear – he is now Waistcoat Man. Come to future gigs and you can rate his waistcoats. The lovely example shown here cost him a massive £4 and you can see where the money was spent in the production of such a lovely piece of attire.



Another couple of gigs coming up this weekend. Friday is time for a new venue for the band (although Ed and Paul have played here before), Hales Club in Hales, near Market Drayton and Sunday sees a rare appearance in the band’s home town of Newport at The Barley.

The following week is a biggy, with 5, count ’em – FIVE – gigs between Wednesday and Sunday.

*Deep breath*

Wednesday 18 – Ed’s works’ Xmas Party, Thursday 19 – The Crown, Oakengates, Friday 20 – The Green Man, Milwich, Saturday 21 – The Admiral Duncan, Baschurch and Sunday 22 – The Wrekin Inn, Wellington.

Come along and see Christmas in with some idiots!

WeeMann & Clatter

WeeMann & Clatter

What a weekend.

Paul was away for a few days, working in Newcastle, way up north, so we invited Gav Hedge down from Bonnie Scotland to play a few gigs under the Lost The Plot Presents… banner. He arrived on Friday with a full contingent in tow.

The Incredible Gav Hedge!!!

The Incredible Gav Hedge!!!

The Telegraph in Shrewsbury was first. Always one of our favourites, we weren’t sure what a Friday crowd would be like. There was nothing to worry about with Gav getting a great reaction from the first song and a few of our friends turning up throughout the evening. Part of Gav’s entourage was his friend Frank Hutcheon, who joined him on bass for a few numbers. Frank hasn’t played live in over 20 years, only recently picking the instrument up again, but you wouldn’t know it to watch him play. Ed & Si also joined Gav for a couple of numbers in the second set.

Gav with "Help" from Ed & Si.

Gav with “Help” from Ed & Si.

Saturday had the potential to go horribly wrong for a couple of reasons. Firstly, on Thursday, we discovered that our original venue were having to cancel due to circumstances beyond their control. After a panicky ring round, Ed found a new venue in Newport’s Honeysuckle. On top of this, Ed met up with the Scottish contingent to watch the rugby in the local. They started drinking at around 1PM. Si caught up with the group at around 6PM and it became clear that a couple of beers had been consumed.

Fortunately Gav was in control for the gig. The Honeysuckle is quite a small pub, and we quickly had the room filled with friends coming along to catch up with their old friend, some of whom hadn’t seen him since he moved away from the area 14 years ago. There was a great atmosphere for the evening and we’d like to thank the staff at The Honeysuckle for stepping up to the plate at the last minute.

Gav and Frank

Gav and Frank

After the gig we went back to Ed’s for a few celebratory drinks. It gets a little hazy, but it seems that those of us who made it to the end finally gave up at about 5AM. One or two notable people had been drinking continuously since the afternoon, so it would be interesting to see how the morning progressed on Sunday.

It didn’t. Si & Ed missed the morning completely. Combined with an afternoon gig at the Wrekin Inn to prepare for, this left little time for breakfast.

The Wrekin, as you will know if you follow our blog, is one of our favourites. It was the site of our first gig as Lost The Plot almost 2 years ago and we always have a great audience here. This would be no different for Gav as he wound up a successful weekend with a storming set. As well as Frank, Ed and Si joining Gav for a few numbers, Ed & Si played a short set in the interval (made shorter by the snapping of Ed’s G-string) and DJ Ant joined in on cajon and bodhrán. A great weekend came to a great finish.

Gav & Friends

Gav & Friends

We’d like to thank Gav and his friends for coming down and giving us such a great weekend and thanks also to Alan at The Telegraph, Liv & Mike at The Honeysuckle and Sam at The Wrekin for supplying the venues.

We’ll have to see whether we can get Gav down again next year.

This week we’re back at Molloy’s in Bury on Friday. Come along if you’re in the area.

October 2014

November 4, 2013

October was a hectic month, so apologies for not getting any updates online. We’ll do a quick roundup here.

The first gig of the month was at regular venue, The Malthouse in Ironbridge. The setup has changed somewhat with a stage area now halfway down one wall, putting the band pretty much in the middle of the pub,m rather than at one end. As a result the sound was far improved and crowd interaction was far easier. We’ve enjoyed ourselves every time we’ve visited the Malthouse, but this has to be our favourite gig there so far.

Devastation at The Malthouse!

Devastation at The Malthouse!

On Saturday things went a little awry. Whilst preparing to leave home for the first gig at The Bridge Inn in Trench, WeeMann took a call from his Mother-In-Law’s to say his son had brought his career as a stuntman to a premature end by falling backwards off a trampoline and breaking his arm. Edcase & Clatter carried on to the pub with the idea of WeeMann catching up later. As it turned out, due to surgery, he couldn’t get away from the hospital until late, joining the guys for the last 4 or 5 songs of the evening. This notwithstanding, the band seemed to go down well and should be back next year.

Sunday’s gig at the Stone Food Festival was similarly marred, although this time Den York was able to join the band as a stand in bass player. The gig was a riot, although a drink left on the sub decided to take a tumble, fusing the electrics a few songs into the set. This was soon remedied and normal service was resumed in time for Clatter to assault a police officer in the name of entertainment. His case is due to be heard in the New Year.

Stone Food Festival

Stone Food Festival

The following week WeeMann was back in place as we took a journey back up to Scotland. Edcase was already on site due to work, so we all met at the venue for Friday’s gig at Legends, Dundee. This was followed by a stellar gig on Saturday at a new venue for us, The Millgate in Arbroath. We didn’t feel many more could have got in to the pub, but we are assured by locals that it could have been even busier! Sunday saw our return to an old favourite, The Chapter & Verse in Forfar. For thoise of you interested in what the pub looks like, you can now have a virtual walk around the Chapter & Verse on Google Maps. You may recognise one of the punters, despite his blurry face, although if you come to our gigs regularly you may only see him as a blur anyway. I’m not convinced any regular followers ever see us sober.

The next two Fridays saw us at a couple of small pubs in Shrewsbury – the Boars Head in Belle Vue and The Wheatsheaf in Frankwell. The Wheatsheaf gig in particular was notable for including a group of people who last saw us at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in August.

This last Friday Clatter was unavailable to play, but we were asked if we’d play for Halloween at Molloy’s in Bury, so Edcase & WeeMann played as a duo. The show has a slightly different feel as a duo, but it was good to see people up and dancing despite the lack of drums and we’re back there in a couple of weeks back up to full strength.

This week we’ll be playing at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury on Friday, The Admiral Duncan in Baschurch on Sunday, then The Wrekin in Wellington on Sunday. Click the links to be taken to the relevant Facebook Events and sign up.

The following weekend we have something special for you. Our friend, Gav Hedge from Forfar, is journeying south to play a series of gigs in the area. Please check out our Facebook page for details and come along and see him. He’s a great entertainer who uses an acoustic guitar and a looping pedal to build up great backing tracks. There may be a guest appearance or two as well.

See you at a gig soon.

September Wrapped.

October 2, 2013

Not sure where this year has gone. September is already over, the summer is as good as over and the nights are drawing in. Not long till Christmas.

The last week of September was another busy one for us.



On Wednesday we headed over to Staffordshire to The Swan in Stone. Always a fun gig, the crowd is different to a weekend gig as people are looking for a quiet drink and a bit of fun to cheer them up mid-week, rather than the full blow out that occurs on a Friday or Saturday. Well, they weren’t going to get a quiet drink with us around. A lovely pair of couples surprised us with their generosity before the gig. While we were setting up, they got up to leave for the curry house. “Bring us something back!” we joked. And they did. There’s nothing better than starting a gig full of garlic naan. Wonderful. Sadly, the gig was marred by WeeMann’s lack of co-ordination when he later jumped and smashed a glass lampshade with his bass. He was brushing glass out of his hair for the next two songs.

All in all, success!!!

Friday saw our return to the Hen & Chickens in Bridgnorth. We were very pleased to see fellow muso Nikki Rous dancing and throwing ducks this evening. Generally it’s difficult as a musician to see other bands as you all play at the same times on the same days, so we appreciate her company when there were probably real bands on elsewhere.

A Proper Stage!

A Proper Stage!

On Saturday we had been invited to play for a 50th birthday party. We had a proper stage and everything and the guests were in posh clothes, rather than the torn jeans and tee-shirts we normally see at our gigs. Everyone got into the duck throwing with enthusiasm and gusto, but we have to say that Molloy’s in Bury still holds the record as the only venue in the country where all the soft toys have been dislodged during our Madness number.

This week we’re heading back to Ironbridge’s famous Malthouse on Friday then to The Bridge in Trench on Saturday for our first gig there. They only have one gig per month, so it seems an eternity since we booked it, let’s hope it works well. On Sunday afternoon we’re off to Stone for the Food & Drink Festival. We’ve got a short set from 2:30 before our friends The Formula show us how to play real songs. Then we’re going to get drunk and buy food that we wouldn’t normally buy, just so that it can sit at the back of the fridge until we discover it in 6 month’s time, mouldy and unrecognisable.

Or is that just me?

In other news, Clatter decided to start growing a beard, as he thinks it makes him look suave and intelligent. We’ll let you decide from these before and after photos, but we think it’ll take a little more work:





York At The York

September 15, 2013

Another busy weekend last week. On Friday we headed back up to Bury and Molloy’s where we’ve had a couple of successful gigs. We had a message before travelling asking if we minded starting a little later as there was an England match on. It turned out to work well for us as the weather and traffic were horrendous, so it took a while to get there, plus it meant that the pub was full by the time we started. Normally it starts quiet and only really starts getting busy later in the evening, but this time we were able to hold them from the start. We’re back here on 1st November, but as Paul is working away it’ll be a duo with just Ed and Si performing.

After a tiring journey home and a good night’s sleep we were off to Borth again, to our last gig of the summer season at Brynrodyn Caravan Park. Being the first weekend after the schools started again we weren’t holding out much hope for a great audience, although Lorraine, the owner, explained that this was often a good weekend for those without children to get a last weekend away before the weather turns. As it happens we had a great crowd – maybe not as large as some we have seen here, but easily as enthusiastic.

We had a better sound this time as Den York, who joined us once more, had made some set up changes to the in house PA and his wife, Jood, controlled the sound from out front. It’s not an easy room to get a good sound when it’s not full, but Jood did us proud.



All things being equal, we’ll be back again next summer.

The load out at Bryrodyn is down one of two sets of stairs. Due to the distance involved, Den and Ed moved the gear downstairs while Si and Paul loaded it into the van. This is a technique which works well, except tonight it didn’t run according to plan…

A Well Lit Cock

A Well Lit Cock

We spent the night at Den & Jood’s before leaving for Sunday’s gig at The Wrekin. We unloaded the van and started to set up before realising that we were a guitar short – Simon’s bass. A call to Den later and it transpired that it was still on the stage at Brynrodyn. The gig was performed using Si’s spare bass (which fortunately was at home, just round the corner), although his wireless unit was on the other bass, so he spent the gig tied behind his mic stand.

The Wrekin

The Wrekin

The crowd were probably as good as we have had at The Wrekin and joined in with great enthusiasm, ducks flying constantly all afternoon. A great afternoon was marred, however, when Si injured himself during his much anticipated triangle solo. On the second hit he misjudged and badly bruised his knuckle, dropping the triangle and bringing tears to his eyes.

A week later and we were back to The Duke in Oakengates. Den had agreed to bring Si’s bass over and join us for another gig, his first with us in Telford. Normally we set up at the entrance to the pub in order to get right in the faces of the audience, but this time we had to set up on the stage at the rear of the pub. Whilst this gave us more room, it also meant that people would sit at the bar, able to chat and not interacting with us.

On Stage at The Duke

On Stage at The Duke

Happily, during the first set we were joined by a stag party who were more than happy to join in, most of them joining us on stage at one point or another during the evening.

The stag party left us at the interval, but by this point enough people were in the pub to help us perform. This is the last time Den will be performing with us this year, so we’d just like to take this opportunity to thank him for his services. We hope he’ll help us again next year. Cheers Den!

Den York

Den York

Next Friday we’re back at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury. Hope to see you there.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook & Twitter and keep uip to date with all the news at

Another One Bites The Dust

September 5, 2013

Dust, dust everywhere…

At least it wasn’t wet and muddy for our trip to Dorset. Last year was, by all accounts, welly weather and not much fun, but the sun shone for The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2013.

We arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday ahead of the first of three sets for the festival. After setting up our tents we sorted ourselves out for the trip to the first venue. The organisation, it turned out, was excellent – the music festival organisers, Festivals 360, laid on a transit to take us and our gear right to the backstage area. All we had to do was make sure we were ready. Once the previous band had cleared the stage we were on.

You Shook Me

On Wednesday and Thursday we were playing in the Black Bull, a beer tent large enough to hold about 3-400 hundred people. On Wednesday it didn’t hold quite that many people. At any other venue we’ve played, the audience would probably have been considered fairly sizable, but sadly it seemed that there weren’t enough music fans at the fair yet. Or the music fans had heard of us…!

Still, things picked up as we got closer to the weekend. Thursday was a much better gig, with probably a good couple of hundred people watching us. On both these evenings the sound was organised by Jack, an excellent sound engineer who, fortunately, seemed to understand us from the start. By Thursday he was throwing ducks at us like an old pro.

Day Two

Day Two

Friday, however, was the best of the three. A move over to the Shire Arms tent, just alongside the arena where the monster trucks and stunt bikes were performing, saw a much more enthusiastic audience. For the first set we estimated about 200 people, but this soon ramped up as we hit the deck running in the second set. By the time we’d put in a spirited performance of 500 Miles, the crowd had grown and was jumping. Zack, a colleague of Jack’s, was on sound duties this evening, and had been warned about the ducks, so he jumped in with little encouragement.

We finished the set and wandered off to the backstage area with the crowd shouting for more. Sadly, timings were critical, so we couldn’t go back on, so Paul jumped up onto the stage to say thanks and explain that the next band needed to get on. This was met with loud boos and more cries of “More!!!” Paul came back and we gave it a minute or two before going back up to pack up our gear. A huge cheer went up…

We don’t like having to disappoint, but it is, let’s face it, our stock in trade!

Day Three

Day Three

We left on Saturday morning for a long trip to Borth on the Welsh coast to play for a second time at The Victoria Inn. The journey took us about 6 3/4 hours and we were exhausted by the time we arrived, but after some flatbreads and nachos (wonderful!) we were ready and, as previously, we were joined by Den York on electric guitar and banjo. A far smaller venue than we had grown used to over the previous few days, but as enthusiastic a crowd as we had had the pleasure to entertain.

This week we’re back off up to Bury and Molloy’s before returning to Borth on Saturday to Brynrodyn Caravan Park and, finally, home again to The Wrekin on Sunday.

Hope to see you at one of our gigs soon.