Where did April go? One minute we were taking a long, arduous journey back from Wales, suddenly it’s May! Here’s a quick roundup of what we’ve been up to.

Fri 11th – The Dun Cow Shrewsbury. Almost a month ago. I have no idea. It can’t have been a bad gig or I’d remember.

Sat 12th – Private Function, Eccleshall. Only a day later, what do you want from me??? We were in a large room for someone’s 40th. There was beer and sausage rolls. And sandwiches. Always sandwiches.



Sun 13th – The Wrekin Inn, Wellington. Our last gig here before Sam leaves for pastures new (Bridgnorth). If you’ve seen one of our gigs here, you’ll know how it went. We decided to randomise the set a little, a trick which always keeps it fresh for us and those people who see us regularly.

Easter Weekend – Nothing. We ate chocolate and spent time with our families.

Sat 26th – Si travelled to Essex to play with his old band, Alchemy, for a one off fund raiser. Much louder than LTP, his hearing is still recovering.

Left Handed Si

Left Handed Si

Fri 2nd May – Ah, a little more recent! The crowd at Molloys are always great and security tell us that the pub was at capacity as they were having to turn people away. A sell out is always a great feeling. A sore throat, however, isn’t. Especially when it belongs to Ed, singer of all the songs. He got through it admirably, however.

Sat 3rd May – The George, Bridgnorth. Ed really not feeling well for our first visit to The George, but again makes it through brilliantly. Paul and Si have both played here previously in its previous guises as The Hollyhead and The Apple Shed, but the pub has had a (very classy) makeover in the intervening years. It’s not often we play in pubs where our feet don’t stick to the carpet – this was more like the carpet in your front room (you know, the good room that you only use when guests are round). On arrival it looked like a very small space to play in, but we fit in surprisingly well and enjoyed a good sized, attentive crowd. We’re hoping to be back next year.



This week we have three return visits to look forward to. Friday is The Malthouse in Ironbridge, Saturday is The Kings Arms in Tipton, and Sunday is The Telegraph in Castlefields, Shrewsbury.

As you may already know, May 19 sees the release of Ed’s first Unlawful Men album, Rope Or A Ladder. Keep up to date by visiting them on Facebook: facebook.com/EdConwayAndTheUnlawfulMen.

Rope Or A Ladder

Rope Or A Ladder

May the 19th sees the release of the debut album by our very own Ed “Edcase” Conway and his Unlawful Men.

Recorded during early 2014 in a small shack in rural Wales using some folk musicians, this is Ed returning to his roots.

To keep up with the latest news on the album and band, please check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EdConwayAndTheUnlawfulMen

Rope Or A Ladder

Rope Or A Ladder

Lost The Plot Return To The Great Dorset Steam Fair

Lost The Plot Return To The Great Dorset Steam Fair

The big news this week is that we have been asked to return to The Great Dorset Steam Fair at the end of August.

We had a great time there last year before running away to play in Borth, but this time we’ve made sure we don’t have to disappear anywhere, so we’re ready to party.

All details are available at the Great Dorset Steam Fair website including tickets, camping etc.

The other big news is that, ahead of the Dorset trip, we’re heading to Simon’s hometown of Worthing, West Sussex for a couple of gigs. After two years of Plotting, we felt it was about time to show this sleepy seaside town what entertainment is all about.

For those of you in Worthing reading this, Simon grew up in the town, playing with such bands as Bad Girl City and Dirty Shoes before heading north to seek fame and fortune. He failed and ended up in a band where rubber ducks are used to injure the band on a nightly basis.

On Saturday 14 June we’ll be at The Smugglers Return in Ham Road, then on Sunday afternoon we’ll be in the town centre’s Rose & Crown, Montague Street.



Worthing hasn’t seen anything like this. In years to come, you could be telling your grandchildren you were there when LTP hit the south coast for the first time.

Or not.

Probably not really.

In other band news, Ed is currently working on a solo project. Several decades in the making, this is Ed’s Folk odyssey. He’s been writing various tunes over the last 73 years and finally has enough to put together an album. It’s being recorded at a secret location in Wales with help from old friend Den York and should be ready for release at some point this decade – watch this space for more info as it comes in.

As a prelude to this, Ed played a small folk gig last Friday at the Unicorn Folk Club. Our pet photographer, Matthew Thomas, has sent us this review of the evening as he attended along with Paul:

Friday evening and Dave and Paul travelled to The Bradford Arms to attend an evening at the Unicorn Folk Club. The evening was a charity event for Alzheimer’s research.

It was a very different yet interesting evening at the club. The room was full and very hot! We enjoyed some brilliant folk music and tales along with some real ale served in the countryside pub with Ed Conway playing the final slot.

Ed played alongside his ‘Unlawful Men’ – Jon Thompson on bass, Ben Moorhouse on mandolin and Anthony Kitchen on the bodhran.

The band played a fantastic 45 minute set. The effort the band had put in over the past few months was clear, and that was just on the uniform (black tie, white shirt) The songs were tight with only one minor problem with a bass lead we wont talk about.

Until the gig I had only heard one of the songs the band played, ‘Mary And The Soldier.’ Eds version was a lot more upbeat and all of the songs appeared to have a new twist. The set was very impressive and well thought out. After they had finished playing I heard nothing but positive comments from the audience all saying how brilliant it was and they were all pleased to see Ed performing at the club after a 2 year gap.

Fantastic evening…Even if paul was bladdered.

We can neither confirm nor deny the allegation of Paul being a little under the weather.

Making the most of the weekend off, Si visited The Malthouse to see Microbaby play. The gig was great, but what really made it was the fact that, upon reaching the bar to order drinks, Si was given a rubber duck by the barman. How often can you walk into a pub and be given a rubber duck without people raising eyebrows? The duck was later used for its intended purpose and thrown at Microbaby’s drummer, Steve Eastment. After bouncing off his snare drum it promptly disappeared. Steve needs to work on being hit by ducks.

See you soon.

The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014

The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014

Students and New Venues

January 22, 2014

Wow, how to hit the ground running this week.

On Wednesday we were back at Harper Adams University in Newport. We’ve played there a few times in various guises, but this was probably our favourite line-up to date because not only did we have the wonderful Simon Carswell on keys, we also had Den York playing guitar. As anyone who has seen and heard these guys play will know they are both truly excellent musicians, each adding a great deal of musicality to the usual cacophony of Lost The Plot. This time, however, was the first time we have had both playing with us at the same time. We actually sounded like a real band for a whole evening!



Harper is an odd gig for us. Instead of being in a small room, able to get up close and personal with our audience, here we are on a stage in front of about 4 or 500 drunken uni students. As a result, the stupidity is dialled right back and we focus on the music. It feels odd to be playing like real musicians, but we do what we can!

Sound is tricky in this environment – it’s a huge hall and you’re fighting against a background of all those people singing and shouting and it can be surprisingly hard to hear what you’re playing. For instance, apart from Den himself, the only other person who could hear what he was playing was Ed, as he was right alongside him. It means you’re doing a lot from memory rather than what you can hear, but it’s good for finding out whether you know the material!

Si Carswell

Si Carswell

Thanks go out to Si and Den for the gig – we couldn’t have done it without you. Looking forward to the next time guys.

On Friday we headed to Bayston Hill, just on the southern edge of Shrewsbury to a new venue for us, The Beeches. You never know how a crowd will react to you the first time, but we were blown away by this pub. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music and, more importantly, got our sense of humour.

The Beeches

The Beeches

The duck throwing went down well, although was a little over-enthusiastic at times – Si played the remainder of the gig with a swollen lip!

We’re back at The Beeches in September and we can’t wait.

On Sunday we were back for a return visit to The Wrekin in Wellington. We were last here just before Christmas, a very short gap between gigs for us, but Sam was adamant he wanted us in early in the new year, so who are we to disappoint?!

Being such a short gap between gigs we decided to try something a little different – letting the audience choose the set list.

The initial idea was to write out a long list of songs that at least one of us knows how to play then get the audience to vote on them. No hats, no ducks, no toys. We bottled out to some extent, deciding that we couldn’t play without our props and limiting the song choices to ones we have at least played in the past. Sometimes only once, but played. This gave us a list of about 60 songs.

The Wrekin

The Wrekin

On the whole the list came back with most of our normal set marked up, which makes us think we must be doing something right, but there were one or two from our dim and distant past which we had to try to remember – Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here being a notable one. Perhaps one for the permanent set?

The crowd got a little agitated when Ed pointed out that our normal duck throwing song, My Girl, wasn’t chosen. After a while of getting abuse we decided to try it with REM’s Losing My Religion. My Girl tends to work for the duck throwing as it’s a fairly easy song to play whilst dodgy missiles, this was harder. Plus we don’t play it often any more – a recipe for disaster. The good news, however, is that we beat the audience.

Ed & Si

Ed & Si

We’ve booked up a few more dates at The Wrekin across the year – the next being April 13th – a week before Easter. For this gig, whenever someone throws a duck at us, we’ll be throwing an egg back out.

We’ve got some really exciting news coming about a couple of trips to the South Coast later in the year. Keep watching the site for the announcements. These are going to be great.

Next weekend we’re back at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury on Friday and at another new venue, The Britannia, also in Shrewsbury, on Saturday.

As usual, keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter and our website.

The biggie this month is The Great Dorset Steam Fair.


The Great Dorset Steam Fair

We’ve been invited to play three times over the five days the fair is on. On Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th we’re playing in the Black Bull and on Friday 30th we’re in The Shires Arms, each set starting at either 6:00 or 6:30.

If you’d like to join us, tickets are available from www.gdsf.co.uk We’d really like to see as many of you as can possibly make it. Our report will be up here some time the following week.

In the meantime we’re back to Brynrodyn Caravan Park this Friday, onto Wem to the Lower Lacon Caravan Park on Saturday and finally to The Telegraph in Shrewsbury on Sunday afternoon.

See you at a gig soon.

Although Paul is away on business this weekend (don’t ask me, as far as I’m aware he just hits things), Lost The Plot are to be involved in a World Record attempt.

Local homeless charity, Stay, are putting on a 12 hour variety show in Telford Town Centre and hope to break the current world record of 12 hours and 8 minutes. We’ll be doing our bit as a duo at about 2:30PM, so please come along and help us get in the Guinness Book Of World Records – it’s been our lifetime dream since we found out about it last week.

You can read more at ShropshireLive.com.

Come along and throw ducks – you’ll only have 10 minutes, so make it count!!!

Saturday 23 February sees Lost The Plot’s First Birthday Party at Newport’s Cozy Hall.

As well as The normal craziness you’d expect from Lost The Plot there will be party games, jelly and cake, guest artists, balloon modelling and much, much more.


We will be having a fully licenced bar staffed by some very special guests.

Tickets are available now from info@LostThePlotBand.co.uk, by approaching any of the band members, or from Alison at Newport’s Book Nook or Andy at The Smash Room in Ketley, priced at a measly £4 each. For this £4 you get entry into the party, jelly & cake and free entry into the party games.

Tickets are expected to sell out, so get in quick – it is unlikely that we’ll be able to sell any tickets on the door.

On Saturday we’re planning to invade a local radio station in order to promote the party – watch this space for details nearer the time.

More details and updates are available at http://www.losttheplotband.co.uk/party/

Updated Website

January 13, 2013

We’ve started updating the website for 2013. You’ll see that we’ve changed the design, but we’ve also tidied a few things up, moved them around and generally had a bit of a spring clean.

There are one or two new bits (with a couple more to come soon), including a new photo gallery and a Gig Venue Map on the gigs page, so there’s no excuse for not turning up at a gig saying you didn’t know where it is. In actual fact, it’s an aid for us, as we’re all getting a little older and we forget where the hell we’re going sometimes.

You’ll also see our new video, filmed on location at Newport’s premier bookshop, The Book Nook.

As announced yesterday, we’re hosting our First Birthday Party on Saturday 23rd February at Cosy Hall in Newport. Tickets are £4 each and further details can be found at www.LostThePlotBand.co.uk/party.

This Friday we’ll be at The Duke Of York in Oakengates, so pop along and see some stupid.

As announced yesterday at our gig at Newport’s The Book Nook, February 23rd sees our First Birthday Party.


We are putting on a special event at Newport’s Cosy Hall. In the main it will be a gig, full of the stupidity you would expect from Lost The Plot, but there will be more besides, including cake, jelly and party games.

You can keep up to date with details at www.LostThePlotBand.co.uk/party

Tickets for the event are priced at £4 and are available by e-mailing us at info@LostThePlotBand.co.uk

Please spread the word far and wide!

Special Announcement

January 12, 2013

At this morning’s gig at The Book Nook in Newport (from 11AM) we’ll be announcing some special news.

There’s a new page on our website at http://www.losttheplotband.co.uk which will tell you all you need to know…

Book Nook