The Start of 2015

March 10, 2015

Life’s been a little hectic since Christmas, although we stayed fairly quiet as a band so that we could recover from the last couple of months and get a break from one another.

Eleanor Rigby

Our first gig of the year was at The Malthouse to a surprisingly respectable crowd – Paul had been in the night before on a works’ outing and said it had been very quiet, but although it wasn’t full when we played, the crowd wasn’t far off capacity and were in their usual crazy mood.

We followed this with a new venue – Condover Social Club.  It seems that an old act prevents the village of having a pub, so they get round this with a social club instead and it was a lovely room with a great crowd.

The Barley

The Barley

A birthday party at The Barley in Newport rounded off January before a welcome return to the Oddfellows in Wellington at the start of February.  After Sam left The Wrekin, we wondered how a new venue would work out for us.  The simple answer is fantastically. Some of the old crowd, some new faces and a large collection of Scooby Doos filled the pub.

Scooby Dooby Doo!

Scooby Dooby Doo!

Another party followed in Sutton Coldfield.  If you read this regularly, you may be aware of Den York, who plays with us on occasion.  This was a party for an old mate of his and we are currently in negotiations to play in his pub, so we assume it went well.

The final gig of the year was a return to the Dun Cow in Shrewsbury, not a regular, but certainly a favourite for us to play.

More important than any of this, though, was the band outing to Liverpool in January to visit the Beatles Experience.  A whole day devoted to one of our collective favourite bands was a great way of spending a Saturday.  One of the exhibits was an interactive computer used for collecting statistical data.  Paul decided to have a go and took it very seriously indeed:

It should also be mentioned that Ed took his Unlawful Men folk act out on the road during February, but only because if we don’t, Ed will get grumpy.  They played some folk and Paul & Si controlled the sound at some of the gigs.  If you want to know any more have a look at the Unlawful Men FB page – we’re here to talk about Lost The Plot, not waste time on them!

Check out our March gigs here and we’ll see you soon.

The Xmas Xtravaganza 2013

December 27, 2013

So, it’s all over for 2013. And what a run into Christmas.

It all started on Friday 13th at Hales Club near Market Drayton. Ed and Paul have played here previously (Ed as recently as Fireworks Night, with a reformed Tap The Keg), but it’s a first for The Plot. The room was built onto the side of the cottage owned by the Lord Of The Manor to house his organ and looks beautiful, with a balcony round two of the four walls. Plenty of Ed’s friends from his Tap days came along and we started getting into the Christmas spirit nicely.

Bouzouki Solo

Bouzouki Solo

Two days later and we rock up at The Barley in Newport, the band’s home town. We weren’t expecting a packed pub on a Sunday evening running up to Christmas, but we had a respectable and enthusiastic crowd and have booked several gigs for 2014 on the more popular Friday evening.

Our final weekend of the year was also our busiest. We went into it knowing that it was going to hurt, and hurt it did.

Hugo's Xmas Dinner

Hugo’s Xmas Dinner

Ed’s works’ Christmas party in Whitchurch.

We were supplied with our first Christmas meal of the season and were bombarded with ducks in a way rarely seen. It seems Ed may not be as popular at work as he thinks… Ed made it through the gig OK, but had woken that day feeling unwell – the first signs of a difficult week to come for him. Halfway through the gig Si started developing a sore throat.

Ed Shows Off To Work Colleagues

Ed Shows Off To Work Colleagues

The Crown, Oakengates.

A year on from our previous Oakengates Christmas gig and Ed is still feeling unwell. Si’s throat has developed into a cold/sore throat. On the upside, the pub is full to bursting and adrenaline gets the band through. One of our favourites.

The Fat Tomato

The Fat Tomato

The Green Man, Milwich.

As with last year’s Christmas run up, we headed to Milwich the day after Oakengates. On arrival we let Ed have a doze in the van while we went in and said hello and organised our area. Much like last year the pub was full and everyone was in the mood to party, with Si serving behind the bar as the gig finished. A certain 90 year old lady also turned up to admonish us over the dog throwing incident of last year…



As the evening ended we booked to play at a special event the pub are planning in 2015 – it’s the 25th anniversary of the landlord taking over the pub and the 200th anniversary of the pub opening.

The Admiral Duncan, Baschurch.

Almost there. This was an odd one. A decent sized crowd, plenty of people singing and dancing, but little applause as we finished songs. Odd, but successful.

How On Earth Did That Get Up There???

How On Earth Did That Get Up There???

The Wrekin, Wellington.

Possibly the one we were most looking forward to. Our first gig as Lost The Plot was here almost two years ago and we always have great Sunday afternoons here. Today was no different. We handed out Xmas hats before we started and, as hoped, the pub was rammed. Si’s voice had almost completely gone by now, but Ed was feeling a little better than he had. The audience were wonderful and everything went according to plan.

Puttin' On The Style

Puttin’ On The Style

Now, to rest.

It’s two weeks until our first gig of the New Year. We’re playing at The January Jog in Newport on Sunday 5th January and then we’ll be at The Malthouse in Ironbridge on the 10th.

Have a great Christmas and New year and we’ll see you in 2014. We’re all off to spend some time with our families and relax but, more importantly, get away from one another for a few days!

Happy Christmas.

Ed, Paul & Si.

A Successful End To 2013

A Successful End To 2013

A year old.

We can’t quite believe that we’ve been going a whole year. Our first official gig as Lost The Plot was on 24 February 2012, a year ago today at The Wheatsheaf in Frankwell, Shrewbury.

A lot has changed in that time – we’ve become slicker, more professional, tighter…

Forget all that, we’ve got more ducks. And hats. And soft toys.

Party Time!

Last night we held our First Birthday Party at Newport’s famed Cosy Hall. The gig wasn’t without its problems, with both guitar and bass disappearing at various points throughout the night (why couldn’t the drums do the same?!), but the atmosphere was great and the audience were receptive and welcoming from the opening restrains of Mrs Robinson, right through to the last fading chords of Always Look On The Bright Side. Ducks were thrown, a toddler beat up the bassist while he stood on a chair, Hugo was taken for a dance and balloons were burst. All in all, everything a good party should be!

We’re trying to get together a few videos and pics to put up on the site, so keep you eye on for those. If you have anything you’d like to share with us, please send it to

2013-02-23 21.41.01

This Wednesday we’re playing in Stone at a pub called The Swan, a new venue for us. If you’re able to get there, please pop along. Their website,, says that they have real music. Not for long! Although they have used an inordinate number of exclamation marks after our name on their gig guide, so perhaps they know…

We’ve then got a couple of weekends off as members of the band go globetrotting – Edcase is off to play in Denmark with his old bandmate, Martin Dale, while Clatter is visiting the Costa Del Reading. WeeMann will be travelling no further than Shrewsbury for a comedy show. See you in a couple of weeks for more mayhem.

Saturday 23 February sees Lost The Plot’s First Birthday Party at Newport’s Cozy Hall.

As well as The normal craziness you’d expect from Lost The Plot there will be party games, jelly and cake, guest artists, balloon modelling and much, much more.


We will be having a fully licenced bar staffed by some very special guests.

Tickets are available now from, by approaching any of the band members, or from Alison at Newport’s Book Nook or Andy at The Smash Room in Ketley, priced at a measly £4 each. For this £4 you get entry into the party, jelly & cake and free entry into the party games.

Tickets are expected to sell out, so get in quick – it is unlikely that we’ll be able to sell any tickets on the door.

On Saturday we’re planning to invade a local radio station in order to promote the party – watch this space for details nearer the time.

More details and updates are available at

January Update

January 29, 2013

January is almost at an end and we haven’t updated in a couple of weeks, so…

On the 18th we played at Oakengates’ The Duke. The snow was coming down in a big way, so we didn’t expect much of a turnout, but we were very happy to be proven wrong. We set up just inside the door and had a great gig right in the faces of the audience, rather than being tucked away at the back as we would be normally.

This weekend saw us a bit busier. Our first proper gig at The Malthouse was, again, hit by snow, but a respectable crowd turned up including WeeMann’s neighbour who, rather than gigging in Shrewsbury himself, decided a meal with his lady followed by being hit in the face by Scruffy the Stunt-Dog was a better use of his time.

We agree.

On Saturday we travelled to Coton, just outside Whitchurch, to The Dog & Bull. A pub full of dining customers ensured and audience and the gig was a resounding success. We’re hoping to return later in the year as well as playing at their sister pub, The Albion in Wem.

2013-01-26 23.39.05

Sunday was a return to The Wrekin, scene of our first, unofficial, outing a year ago. We’ve developed a great deal in one short year and the audience is growing with each visit.

On that note, don’t forget our First Birthday Party on Sat 23 February at Newport’s Cosy Hall. We’ve been discussing things to do and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Tickets are available at The Book Nook in Newport, The Smash Room in Ketley, via the band members, or by e-mailing us at

Tickets are £4 each and there will be jelly and cake as well as a fully licenced bar.


This week we’re back off to Aberyswyth to Rummers, scene of our meeting with Suggs a few months ago. See you when we get home again.