That’s right, it’s time for Lost The Plot to hit Sussex.

On Friday we’ll be travelling from Shropshire down to a land that Paul and Ed have only read about in books – The South.

Our first stop is at The Cliff Inn in Peacehaven, East Sussex. The pub was recently bought (and renamed from The White Schooner) by one of Si’s friends from his college days, Dani King. The pub opens officially on Thursday, with Friday being the big party night. If you already follow the band, you know what to expect. If you’re reading this ahead of Friday’s festivities… be prepared for some stupid. Come along with silly hats and bring rubber ducks to use as ammo.

Once our hangovers are gone in the morning, we’ll be heading over to Worthing to eat bacon sandwiches cooked by Si’s Mum (plenty of HP on mine please Mum!) before preparing for the evening gig at The Smugglers’ Return in Ham Road. This gig will now be starting at 8:02 PM so that we can finish before the football starts (we don’t want people throwing glasses at us because we’re in the way of the screen).

There are treats and surprises in store and we guarantee that Worthing and Peacehaven have seen nothing like this before. We may even play some songs from the Hit Parade.

Well, we’ll certainly hit one another at various points through the evening.

Invite everyone you know. This is our only trip to Sussex this year.

Miss it or miss out.

Yes, I know what I said. I stand by my comment.

More details are available by following the links to the Facebook events:



Aberystwyth In The Rain

February 3, 2014

Back to Aber for the weekend? No problem.

The Crowd

The Crowd

“The Uni students are being evacuated from the town ahead of the expected storms this weekend” read Ed’s text. Oh dear. Rummers is normally full of students out for a noisy Friday and/or Saturday night.

The Landlord was optimistic. “The building’s been here for 350 years – it’ll be no problem!”

With this in mind we headed West on Friday evening, the weather improving the further we got from Telford. The pub was quiet when we arrived, but then it normally is, most people starting to turn up while we set up. By the time we started at 10, we had a good sized crowd and it built as the evening developed.



After what was a bloomin’ long set (Ed just keeps managing to think of other songs to go into!), a crowd of students promised to return the following evening to see us again.

They were as good as their word and many more joined them. It seems the much publicised evacuations didn’t do much to keep them away from town. All day Saturday the wind blew and the rain came. The river, which runs right next to the pub, was higher than we’ve seen it, causing the road into the car park to flood somewhat and the wind was wailing between the masts of the boats moored across the river, but still they came.

Where's Wally?

Where’s Wally?

We’ve had some great times at Rummers, but this was probably our favourite so far. The crowd were right in our faces all night and refused to let us go when we said we’d finished our set. It took us 36 encores to quieten them down enough for us to leave.

It probably didn’t cause us any harm that Wales had won their first match of the 6 Nations earlier that day, so we dedicated Delilah to the team and a near riot developed – I’ve no idea whether Ed actually sang the song as the crowd were too loud to hear him over.

The journey back to the bungalow in which we stay was an interesting one. It seems the storm picked up while we were playing. The flood outside the car park had gone, but the road up the coast through Borth was covered in beach, making our trip home rather hazardous. By the time we arrived home we desperately needed a couple of beers to calm our frazzled nerves.

Serious Face

Serious Face

What a way to finish our early 2014 run of gigs. We’re taking a month off to catch our collective breath and try a few new songs and we’ll be back at the start of March for a return to Forton Cricket Club. More details will follow soon.

Have a great February and we’ll see you soon.

The Plot.

Update Early December

December 8, 2013

I know it’s been a while, but we’ve been busy in the background at Plot Towers recently, so it’s about time for a quick update ahead of the Xmas period.

Welsh Dragon

Welsh Dragon

After waving Gav off the previous week, the weekend of the 22nd was host to just one gig. Paul was working on sound for the British Gymnastics team, so we only played on the Friday at Molloy’s in Bury. Si and Paul headed off during the day to Leicester to set up for Paul’s weekend, before driving north to Bury to meet Ed for the gig. As is often the case here, the pub was rammed and a great time was had by all. Poor old Paul headed back to Leicester to get a couple of hours’ of pushing out the zeds before his weekend of playing DJ, while Ed and Si headed home.

For the end of November we headed to Aberystwyth for a 2-night residency at Rummers. As a surprise, Den York joined us again – he had been due to be working abroad, but we were very happy to have him add his guitar talents to our cacophony once more. The Friday night saw the return of Paul’s famous tambourine solo. Hopefully this will be seen in the set more frequently in 2014 – it’s a sight not to be missed.

Tambourine Solo

Tambourine Solo

On Sunday we returned to Shropshire, stopping off at The Telegraph in Shrewsbury. We’ve not had a duff gig here yet and this afternoon was no different – a great crowd in both size and enthusiasm.

This week we started off the weekend at The Duke in Oakengates for what was possibly our best audience here so far. Most of the evening seemed to be taken up by trying to prevent people stealing our toys and hats, but it all seemed to be in good humour.

Ed 'n' Den

Ed ‘n’ Den

On Saturday we returned to The Boars Head in Shrewsbury. Some of our regular friends came along with others in tow and, although the audience was small, it was perfectly formed. A little like Paul, in fact, who decided to take this weekend as the opportunity to try out his new stage gear – he is now Waistcoat Man. Come to future gigs and you can rate his waistcoats. The lovely example shown here cost him a massive £4 and you can see where the money was spent in the production of such a lovely piece of attire.



Another couple of gigs coming up this weekend. Friday is time for a new venue for the band (although Ed and Paul have played here before), Hales Club in Hales, near Market Drayton and Sunday sees a rare appearance in the band’s home town of Newport at The Barley.

The following week is a biggy, with 5, count ’em – FIVE – gigs between Wednesday and Sunday.

*Deep breath*

Wednesday 18 – Ed’s works’ Xmas Party, Thursday 19 – The Crown, Oakengates, Friday 20 – The Green Man, Milwich, Saturday 21 – The Admiral Duncan, Baschurch and Sunday 22 – The Wrekin Inn, Wellington.

Come along and see Christmas in with some idiots!

WeeMann & Clatter

WeeMann & Clatter

It’s all Caravan Parks!

August 12, 2013

Caravan parks, the theme of this weekend.

Brynrodyn With Den

On Friday we headed back down to Borth to play at Bryrodyn again and, just like our last Borth trip, we were joined on stage by our friend Den York. It never ceases to amaze us how effortlessly he slots into the band adding a trace of genuine musicianship to the proceedings. Wonderful.

We unveiled our new bass drum skin this weekend. Based on one of our rubber ducks, we’re chuffed with how well it’s turned out. Thanks to Tosh, of local legends Pre Sleep Monologue, for his work on it.

It's Quackers!

It’s Quackers!

We stopped at Den’s for the night, with WeeMann putting in an obligatory all nighter with our host while the rest of the band rested ahead of the journey home.

Starting all over again with the drive up to Wem for Saturday’s gig at Lower Lacon Caravan Park, it quickly became apparent that Clatter had not had enough sleep – he gets very grumpy without 9 1/2 hours sleep per night and his mood proved that the time he had last night just wasn’t enough. Fortunately the fact that we had to use his very large PA system for this gig meant that he could have his bass drum turned up very loud, which never fails to cheer him up.

The room was a very large hall with high ceilings and loads of hard surfaces meaning that sound was always going to be difficult. As we finished the final song of the first set, the echoes from the first song were finally starting to fade away! This didn’t seem to worry the audience who lapped up everything we could throw at them. Youngsters loved the fact that they could throw ducks at us. We are starting to think this may not be one of our more clever ideas as we are coming away from gigs with duck related injuries. The large ones, particularly, hurt when thrown with gusto.

And to Sunday and a return to The Telegraph in Shrewsbury. Unfortunately, due to a disturbance in the spacetime continuum, Clatter was in a parallel universe when we were due to leave, so we decided to do the gig as a duo. As it happened, though, the spacetime problem meant that he was already at the venue when we arrived, having been waiting there for us for just under 3 months.

We’re never left wanting at The Telegraph – the crowd are always great and Sunday was no exception. We played around a little with the set and, against our normal rules, allowed ourselves to be cajoled into a couple of encores. We’re back there on 1st December and have forward booked a number of gigs for 2014.

The only downside to what was a great gig was the utter decimation of our new drumskin. No names, no pack drill, but someone left a hot light a little too close to it and the skin melted under the heat:

Some Large Ducks

Some Large Ducks

We’ve got another weekend off next week before we head down to The Great Dorset Steam Fair from the 28th to the 30th. We’ll try to remember to update regularly to Facebook and Twitter to keep you abreast on what we’re doing there.

Return To Borth

July 29, 2013

We played two new venues this week. Friday we were at The Coracle in Shrewsbury. For the most part the crowd were warm and welcoming, although there were two or three people who didn’t seem to get it and sat with steely glares, wondering what was going on around them. No matter, we were having fun and the rest were coming along for the ride. The duck throwing was relatively tame tonight, although this could be a good thing as our collection is getting extremely depleted at the moment! we had fun here and it looks like we’ll be back in the New year – keep an eye on www.LostThePlotBand.co.uk/gigs/ for more news.

The evening ended with silliness after the pub had cleared out. Clatter went off to chat with the Landlord and relieve him of some cash but seemed to be taking a while. Edcase and WeeMann decided to go outside and wait in the van and, as is often the case, start driving off with the idea of winding Clatter up. As he was still chatting in the other bar he was completely unaware of this, so the lads parked the van opposite the front door before going back in to the bar and waiting. When he finally re-emerged we all walked out the front door, Clatter in the lead walking straight past his van to go to where he had last seen it at the back of the pub… The panic on his face as he saw it had gone was a picture, made even funnier when he saw where it was actually parked.

Ed-ding in the Right Direction

Ed-ding in the Right Direction

On Saturday morning we headed off to Borth again, this time to perform two sets at the Victoria Inn. The first was an afternoon set in the beer garden backing onto the beach, due to start at 3:00PM. Unfortunately we hit several traffic jams and didn’t arrive there until after 3:00, but this was no problem. We actually set up on the balcony overlooking the beer garden and beach and were joined by Den York, a friend of ours who lives locally and can play pretty much any instrument you throw at him. For both sets Den added electric guitar and played a blinder, barely dropping a note despite not knowing what song was coming next, let alone what key it would be in.

The afternoon set was a stripped back (i.e. no hats, toys, ducks, etc), laid back affair made all the better by an extremely receptive audience including Jim, a Liverpudlian musician/comedian who, it was decided, was a dead spit of WeeMann and who added some good natured heckling, pointing out that Video Killed The Radio Star was a seventies release, not an eighties one as we regularly announce. Pedant!

The Twins

The Twins

After finishing a couple of sets on the balcony, we started to move the gear inside in time for the evening session, at which point the heavens opened and it didn’t stop raining again until we finished loading the van at the end of the evening. Another great set and another great audience and we’ll be back again at the end of August.

We stayed at Den’s overnight, drinking into the wee small hours. As a result, Clatter was in a less than jolly mood on Sunday for the journey home. We stopped at a cafe in Machynlleth where we had a great breakfast, but even this didn’t cheer him up. We did a great job of making him even grumpier by suggesting that the reason he felt rough was the fact that he was lacking part 10. Right until the end of the journey he couldn’t figure out what we were talking about:

Lacking Pt 10

Lacking Pt 10

The weekend ended with another round of Band Buckaroo, this time with WeeMann winning with this simple, yet effective display. The skill here was to avoid waking Clatter up by spilling any of the opened can of drink:



We’ve got a couple of weeks off now as we enter holiday season, so our next gigs are the 9th, 10th and 11th of August. On the Friday we’re straight back down to Borth to play at the Brynrodyn Caravan Park again, before heading to Wem for our fist visit to the Lower Lacon Caravan Park on the Saturday and finally to Old Faithful, The Telegraph in Shrewsbury on Sunday afternoon.

We’ve then got another 2 week break before we head south to the Great Dorset Steam Fair. We’re really looking forward to this – approx 20 000 visitors over 5 days and we have 3 sets – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. If you’re interested in coming along, order tickets at www.gdsf.co.uk.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook & Twitter and keep uip to date with all the news at http://www.losttheplotband.co.uk

So many gigs, too little time for blog. So, a quick roundup of the last couple of weeks.

Following Clavstock weekend we had a second 4-gig weekend on the trot.

It started on the Friday with a trip to the Welsh coast, to Aberystwyth and Rummers Wine Bar. Always a great gig, with the town’s student population stopping there on their way into or back out of town. This time, however, uni had finished for the summer, so what would the crowd be like? We needn’t have worried as it was graduation day for a large chunk of them and the pub was rammed, despite one of the hottest day so far this year.

Clatter dressed for the summer

Clatter dressed for the summer

Sunday and we were back to Brynrodyn Caravan Park in Borth. It was still hot, but tonight we had air conditioning. This performance went far better than our previous gig here as we had a much larger and more attentive audience this time including an 18th birthday party.

On Sunday morning we left Wales to return to Old Faithful, The Wrekin. Again, the temperature was hotter than the previous day and again we were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who stayed inside to watch us. Many more were outside, having the sense to get some fresh air while the opportunity was there and avoid the now obligatory flying ducks.

As soon as we finished packing up we took to Moby Dick to head to Stone in Staffordshire where we were playing the final set for the Stone Music And Arts Festival after The Christians finished their set. We weren’t, however, on the festival stage. Our set was a wind down for the staff and organisers of the festival, along with anyone else left standing, at Langtrys. As such we were surrounded by some very tired and, frankly, drunk people. WeeMann’s mic stand took a beating when one patron lost his footing and it now resembles a piece of modern art more than a functioning mic stand. It’s generally agreed that it looks better this way though, so it’ll stay as it is for the time being:

The Banana Stand

The Banana Stand

This weekend was a short one with only two gigs; The Crown in Oakengates on Thursday and The Boar’s Head in Shrewsbury on Saturday. The Crown was another opportunity to play outside, although we had to keep the volume well down. Once again ducks flew, water was thrown and dogs were drowned. Edcase decided to perform away from the other band members, on the other side of the walkway, citing the fact that it would give everyone a bit more room. Clatter and WeeMann were overheard discussing the fact that he needed to be away from them as he hadn’t washed his gig shirt in about 14 gigs.

The gig finished with John Ellis commenting “That was a corker!”

“It was heading into Shindig territory,” replied pub regular Tom Tom.

The Crown 18 5 13

The Crown

And finally to The Boar’s Head. Whether it was the heat, the beer festival just up the road, or a combination of the above, the crowd was somewhat smaller than the band are generally used to. In fact, the arrival of two of WeeMann’s friends from down South doubled the audience size in a stroke. As a result, we took requests and personalised the set for the people who were there, one man in particular being surprised when he asked for “Something from Deliverance” and we immediately burst into Duelling Banjos.

On Friday we’re heading to another new pub for us, The Coracle, in Sundorne, Shrewsbury and then onto The Victoria Inn in Borth. We look forward to seeing you there.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook & Twitter and keep uip to date with all the news at http://www.losttheplotband.co.uk

A Day In The Life…

June 20, 2013

We documented a recent trip to Shrewsbury. Watch and see what happened. Part II will follow shortly.

A Roundup.

June 16, 2013

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so much so that we haven’t had a chance to blog, so here’s a quick catchup on what’s been going on in Plotland.

Lost The Plot with Gav Hedge

Lost The Plot with Gav Hedge

As far as we know, the world record attempt, of which we were one of many acts, was a success, with the all day variety show beating the old record by over an hour.

The following week saw our return to Scotland to take part in the Forfarfest music festival – 3 days of music in pubs all over Forfar. We played two sets at the Chapter & Verse over the weekend, interspersed with gigs in Dundee. It was exhausting but great fun and we’re currently in the midst of editing a video of our trip, watch this space…

We also took the opportunity to buy some new matching shirts:

A Cheery Chappy!

A Cheery Chappy!

Returning home, the next weekend was another busy one with us starting on Friday evening at The Malthouse in Ironbridge to a packed house (our biggest crowd in there so far), followed by a Saturday afternoon gig at the Newport Carnival and Baschurch’s Admiral Duncan in the evening.

Scream For Me Newport!

Scream For Me Newport!

This weekend was a quiet one – one gig on Friday at The Hen & Chickens in Bridgnorth. The crowd was small but enthusiastic and we’ll be back there again in September.

This week we’re off up to Bury again to Molloys. Last time we played there we were sans drummer, so the locals have no idea what we’ll be like at full strength… Then, on Saturday, we’ll be playing for the Adams Grammar School Summer Ball. Next Wednesday (26th) we’ll be back off up to The Swan in Stone.

Keep an eye on our forthcoming gigs at LostThePlotBand.co.uk/gigs and follow us on Facebook & Twitter and don’t forget to spread the word!

Trevor Horn's got nothing on us!

Trevor Horn’s got nothing on us!

Hit for Six

May 12, 2013

Edcase really needs to learn to think hard before he makes decisions. As a result of a seemingly simple decision made as we finished setting up on Saturday night’s gig in Forton, band members were repeatedly injured throughout the night. But more of this shortly.

Friday was a return gig at The Duke in Oakengates. Our last gig here could so easily have been a disaster due to the heavy snow, but fortunately people came out. It was similar this time, although not due to the weather. Oakengates is seeing fewer people out on a Friday evening at the moment and, as before, the pub was almost deserted as we started playing. Like last time, though, people started turning up during the first set until we had a respectable audience all keen for a good night out. The bar staff surprised us when they showed us that they had kept some masks we left behind in January. By way of revenge for scaring us in this manner, WeeMann took the photo below, asking the barmaids to say cheese as he snapped away. All smiled for the camera before one asked “Why am I smiling with a mask on???”



And so to Saturday. A fundraiser for Forton Cricket Club, with us being booked by our friend Phiz. The decision Ed made? To leave ducks on the tables throughout the room. So that people could throw them at us.

The people in this case being cricketers, who can throw harder and more accurately than the average drunken pub patron. To top it off, Clatter decided to point out that it wouldn’t matter due to the fact that it was only Forton XI, so we’d be safe. WeeMann barely leapt out of the way before Clatter was hit by a hail of ducks. This continued throughout the night, with WeeMann eventually using a safety helmet for protection after being hit by a particularly accurately thrown duck. New balls please:

Cricket Box

Cricket Box

Edcase has been relieved of decision making duties until he can demonstrate an ability to think through the consequences of his actions.

Following this gig we have reached our milestone of 200 likes on Facebook. Our 200th fan, Sarah Foster, will be receiving a small gift shortly.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, we have uploaded a short video from last week’s gig in Aberystwyth filmed by our tame camera man, Dave. Good job as usual, Dave.

We’ve got a couple of weeks’ break now before we head north to Dundee and Forfar to play at the Forfarfest music festival. We loved playing there last year, so are really looking forward to our return trip. We’ll be staying with our good friends Gav and Jen again and playing alongside Gav at the festival. Can’t wait.

For all our local fans, we’ll be back at the Malthouse in Ironbridge on Friday 7 June and then onto the Newport Carnival on the Saturday afternoon before heading to the Admiral Duncan in Baschurch in the evening.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and also at www.losttheplotband.co.uk where you can check out our gig calendar.

See you at a gig soon.

A Weekend in Wales.

May 6, 2013

Wales. Home of beautiful mountains, rain and site of Scholars Bar, where Clatter destroyed his knee in a tambourine based accident.

The weekend started with our first appearance at Brynrodyn Caravn Park in Borth. The sound and light systems in the hall were designed and installed by our good friend Den, so we knew that we would look and sound great (as far as we can).

The Stage at Brynrodyn

The Stage at Brynrodyn

We’ll be back at Bryrodyn in July and August. Can’t wait.

After a morning stroll along the beach on Saturday we travelled into Aberystwyth to return to Scholars. Being a town centre pub, the audience can be a bit hit and miss. In fact, on our last visit we ended up with one guy sitting at a table right in front of us reading his paper, totally uninterested in us. This time the audience was great. During the first half a group of drunken farming students arrived in fancy dress, closely followed by the police, asking us to turn down. While the students left before the second set, more people came in to enjoy the remainder of the evening, including, surprisingly, Newspaper Man sans newspaper!

On Sunday we drove back to Wellington to play at a post-wedding party for Ian and Jane. Ed fell asleep during the journey, so WeeMann and Clatter decided to play Buckaroo with him. Clatter won with this stunning balancing act using rolls of electrical tape:



The party was great. In our opinion, easily our best performance of the weekend with a great (in every sense of the word) audience. The weather was great and people were spilling out into the car park in their hundreds. To top it off they also had a hog roast, so we finished our set early in order to get some crackling.

Clatter did what Clatter often does in situations like this – trying to injure people. Throwing a duck into the audience to the shout of “Duck!!!” he inadvertently hit in the face a lady who couldn’t duck, standing with the aid of crutches following an operation. This was later compounded when we discovered that Gordon, whom he hit over the head with a beer tray, was in the process of recovering from a brain embolism. Clatter has been reprimanded, but we’re not sure this will actually do any good.

Next week we return to The Duke in Oakengates on Friday before playing at a fund raiser for Forton Cricket Club on Saturday (tickets £6 to non-members, available from the club).

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LostThePlotBand at http://www.losttheplotband.co.uk and on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/LostThePlotBand