Lost The Plot Return To The Great Dorset Steam Fair

Lost The Plot Return To The Great Dorset Steam Fair

The big news this week is that we have been asked to return to The Great Dorset Steam Fair at the end of August.

We had a great time there last year before running away to play in Borth, but this time we’ve made sure we don’t have to disappear anywhere, so we’re ready to party.

All details are available at the Great Dorset Steam Fair website including tickets, camping etc.

The other big news is that, ahead of the Dorset trip, we’re heading to Simon’s hometown of Worthing, West Sussex for a couple of gigs. After two years of Plotting, we felt it was about time to show this sleepy seaside town what entertainment is all about.

For those of you in Worthing reading this, Simon grew up in the town, playing with such bands as Bad Girl City and Dirty Shoes before heading north to seek fame and fortune. He failed and ended up in a band where rubber ducks are used to injure the band on a nightly basis.

On Saturday 14 June we’ll be at The Smugglers Return in Ham Road, then on Sunday afternoon we’ll be in the town centre’s Rose & Crown, Montague Street.



Worthing hasn’t seen anything like this. In years to come, you could be telling your grandchildren you were there when LTP hit the south coast for the first time.

Or not.

Probably not really.

In other band news, Ed is currently working on a solo project. Several decades in the making, this is Ed’s Folk odyssey. He’s been writing various tunes over the last 73 years and finally has enough to put together an album. It’s being recorded at a secret location in Wales with help from old friend Den York and should be ready for release at some point this decade – watch this space for more info as it comes in.

As a prelude to this, Ed played a small folk gig last Friday at the Unicorn Folk Club. Our pet photographer, Matthew Thomas, has sent us this review of the evening as he attended along with Paul:

Friday evening and Dave and Paul travelled to The Bradford Arms to attend an evening at the Unicorn Folk Club. The evening was a charity event for Alzheimer’s research.

It was a very different yet interesting evening at the club. The room was full and very hot! We enjoyed some brilliant folk music and tales along with some real ale served in the countryside pub with Ed Conway playing the final slot.

Ed played alongside his ‘Unlawful Men’ – Jon Thompson on bass, Ben Moorhouse on mandolin and Anthony Kitchen on the bodhran.

The band played a fantastic 45 minute set. The effort the band had put in over the past few months was clear, and that was just on the uniform (black tie, white shirt) The songs were tight with only one minor problem with a bass lead we wont talk about.

Until the gig I had only heard one of the songs the band played, ‘Mary And The Soldier.’ Eds version was a lot more upbeat and all of the songs appeared to have a new twist. The set was very impressive and well thought out. After they had finished playing I heard nothing but positive comments from the audience all saying how brilliant it was and they were all pleased to see Ed performing at the club after a 2 year gap.

Fantastic evening…Even if paul was bladdered.

We can neither confirm nor deny the allegation of Paul being a little under the weather.

Making the most of the weekend off, Si visited The Malthouse to see Microbaby play. The gig was great, but what really made it was the fact that, upon reaching the bar to order drinks, Si was given a rubber duck by the barman. How often can you walk into a pub and be given a rubber duck without people raising eyebrows? The duck was later used for its intended purpose and thrown at Microbaby’s drummer, Steve Eastment. After bouncing off his snare drum it promptly disappeared. Steve needs to work on being hit by ducks.

See you soon.

The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014

The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014

Aberystwyth In The Rain

February 3, 2014

Back to Aber for the weekend? No problem.

The Crowd

The Crowd

“The Uni students are being evacuated from the town ahead of the expected storms this weekend” read Ed’s text. Oh dear. Rummers is normally full of students out for a noisy Friday and/or Saturday night.

The Landlord was optimistic. “The building’s been here for 350 years – it’ll be no problem!”

With this in mind we headed West on Friday evening, the weather improving the further we got from Telford. The pub was quiet when we arrived, but then it normally is, most people starting to turn up while we set up. By the time we started at 10, we had a good sized crowd and it built as the evening developed.



After what was a bloomin’ long set (Ed just keeps managing to think of other songs to go into!), a crowd of students promised to return the following evening to see us again.

They were as good as their word and many more joined them. It seems the much publicised evacuations didn’t do much to keep them away from town. All day Saturday the wind blew and the rain came. The river, which runs right next to the pub, was higher than we’ve seen it, causing the road into the car park to flood somewhat and the wind was wailing between the masts of the boats moored across the river, but still they came.

Where's Wally?

Where’s Wally?

We’ve had some great times at Rummers, but this was probably our favourite so far. The crowd were right in our faces all night and refused to let us go when we said we’d finished our set. It took us 36 encores to quieten them down enough for us to leave.

It probably didn’t cause us any harm that Wales had won their first match of the 6 Nations earlier that day, so we dedicated Delilah to the team and a near riot developed – I’ve no idea whether Ed actually sang the song as the crowd were too loud to hear him over.

The journey back to the bungalow in which we stay was an interesting one. It seems the storm picked up while we were playing. The flood outside the car park had gone, but the road up the coast through Borth was covered in beach, making our trip home rather hazardous. By the time we arrived home we desperately needed a couple of beers to calm our frazzled nerves.

Serious Face

Serious Face

What a way to finish our early 2014 run of gigs. We’re taking a month off to catch our collective breath and try a few new songs and we’ll be back at the start of March for a return to Forton Cricket Club. More details will follow soon.

Have a great February and we’ll see you soon.

The Plot.