Friday night and we were back at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury. We always get a great reaction here, although, as we were setting up, we were discussing the fact that the crowd was a little thinner than usual. Not to worry, it’s halfway through January, people still awaiting their first pay day of the year, so all we can do is get on and give those people present the best new year gig we can.



We shouldn’t have worried. As we started playing the pub filled up until it was as packed as usual. We really love playing at the OPO and look forward with relish to our next visit on 16 May.

Saturday had the potential to go very wrong. After being approached by the landlord of The Britannia in Shrewsbury about 6 months ago to play in his pub, we didn’t speak to him again until we turned up – a rookie error. It seems the landlady had also booked an act for the evening, although she had been unable to get in touch with him to confirm his gig. As it turned out, both acts turned up…

Double bookings happen from time to time and how you respond to the challenge determines how the evening (and any future gig) goes. Our attitude was simple – as long as he was happy with the idea, we’d play alternate sets. He was, and so our first gig alongside an Elvis impersonator kicked off.

The Britannia

The Britannia

It meant we had to trim our set down a little and, as a result, the usual momentum was lost somewhat, but the audience didn’t mind – they were getting two for the price of one!

To top it all off, Elvis (actually also called Ed) joined us for one of our last numbers, getting into the spirit by grabbing a succession of hats and even the monkey mask.

Elvis Loses The Plot

Elvis Loses The Plot

We’re back at The Britannia in October.

This Friday we’re off to Aberyswyth again for a couple of nights at Rummers before we take the whole month of February off. With the exception of Christmas, we’ve been going non-stop for the last year, so we decided to have a few weekends off to recharge our batteries in order to come back refreshed. We will be meeting up during this time, however, in order to put some new material in the set. March should see a revitalised Lost The Plot!

Thanks to Patrick Larkin for the photos and, as usual, keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter and our website.

Students and New Venues

January 22, 2014

Wow, how to hit the ground running this week.

On Wednesday we were back at Harper Adams University in Newport. We’ve played there a few times in various guises, but this was probably our favourite line-up to date because not only did we have the wonderful Simon Carswell on keys, we also had Den York playing guitar. As anyone who has seen and heard these guys play will know they are both truly excellent musicians, each adding a great deal of musicality to the usual cacophony of Lost The Plot. This time, however, was the first time we have had both playing with us at the same time. We actually sounded like a real band for a whole evening!



Harper is an odd gig for us. Instead of being in a small room, able to get up close and personal with our audience, here we are on a stage in front of about 4 or 500 drunken uni students. As a result, the stupidity is dialled right back and we focus on the music. It feels odd to be playing like real musicians, but we do what we can!

Sound is tricky in this environment – it’s a huge hall and you’re fighting against a background of all those people singing and shouting and it can be surprisingly hard to hear what you’re playing. For instance, apart from Den himself, the only other person who could hear what he was playing was Ed, as he was right alongside him. It means you’re doing a lot from memory rather than what you can hear, but it’s good for finding out whether you know the material!

Si Carswell

Si Carswell

Thanks go out to Si and Den for the gig – we couldn’t have done it without you. Looking forward to the next time guys.

On Friday we headed to Bayston Hill, just on the southern edge of Shrewsbury to a new venue for us, The Beeches. You never know how a crowd will react to you the first time, but we were blown away by this pub. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music and, more importantly, got our sense of humour.

The Beeches

The Beeches

The duck throwing went down well, although was a little over-enthusiastic at times – Si played the remainder of the gig with a swollen lip!

We’re back at The Beeches in September and we can’t wait.

On Sunday we were back for a return visit to The Wrekin in Wellington. We were last here just before Christmas, a very short gap between gigs for us, but Sam was adamant he wanted us in early in the new year, so who are we to disappoint?!

Being such a short gap between gigs we decided to try something a little different – letting the audience choose the set list.

The initial idea was to write out a long list of songs that at least one of us knows how to play then get the audience to vote on them. No hats, no ducks, no toys. We bottled out to some extent, deciding that we couldn’t play without our props and limiting the song choices to ones we have at least played in the past. Sometimes only once, but played. This gave us a list of about 60 songs.

The Wrekin

The Wrekin

On the whole the list came back with most of our normal set marked up, which makes us think we must be doing something right, but there were one or two from our dim and distant past which we had to try to remember – Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here being a notable one. Perhaps one for the permanent set?

The crowd got a little agitated when Ed pointed out that our normal duck throwing song, My Girl, wasn’t chosen. After a while of getting abuse we decided to try it with REM’s Losing My Religion. My Girl tends to work for the duck throwing as it’s a fairly easy song to play whilst dodgy missiles, this was harder. Plus we don’t play it often any more – a recipe for disaster. The good news, however, is that we beat the audience.

Ed & Si

Ed & Si

We’ve booked up a few more dates at The Wrekin across the year – the next being April 13th – a week before Easter. For this gig, whenever someone throws a duck at us, we’ll be throwing an egg back out.

We’ve got some really exciting news coming about a couple of trips to the South Coast later in the year. Keep watching the site for the announcements. These are going to be great.

Next weekend we’re back at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury on Friday and at another new venue, The Britannia, also in Shrewsbury, on Saturday.

As usual, keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter and our website.

And so to 2014

January 12, 2014

Happy New Year from Plotland, we hope you all had a great Christmas and are ready for some stupidity in 2014.

The year got off to a cold start. Following on from last year’s appearance at Newport’s January Jog, we were invited back. Although it was cold, it was the rain and wind which really bit in and made us question the intelligence of an outdoor gig in early January. This being a case of adding some background music while people run around a muddy field in aid of MacMillan Cancer Research, the audience isn’t really there to see us, but we had some great feedback from those close to our position and there were many smiles and people singing along. A warming curry in the pub afterwards and the day was done.

Paul was interviewed for BBC Radio Shropshire and you can listen here:

The January Jog

Photo courtesy of Pav Boq

This weekend we played again at The Malthouse in Ironbridge. We’ve enjoyed playing here since we played at the staff Christmas party last year and this week’s gig was no exception. There were plenty of people at the front dancing, singing and (in the case of a certain Mr Rowe particularly) throwing ducks at us. Jason Chambers wrote an excellent review of the gig on Facebook:

My review of Lost The Plot at the Malthouse.

There was a band and some cider and some alcohol and some cider.

That’s all I remember!

We can confirm that he did seem to be enjoying the cider. We hope he enjoyed the music too!

You can judge for yourself here as, thanks to Mathew Thomas, we’ve got a new video on our YouTube channel, our version of Avicci’s Wake Me Up. Between this and Lonnie Donegan’s Puttin’ On The Style we can honestly say we cover number ones from 1957 to 2013 and everything in between!

On Wednesday we’ll be playing at Harper Adams in Newport, before heading over to Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury next Saturday for our first gig at The Beeches and then on Sunday we’re back at The Wrekin in Wellington.

Stay silly.