The Gav Hedge English Tour 2013

November 19, 2013

What a weekend.

Paul was away for a few days, working in Newcastle, way up north, so we invited Gav Hedge down from Bonnie Scotland to play a few gigs under the Lost The Plot Presents… banner. He arrived on Friday with a full contingent in tow.

The Incredible Gav Hedge!!!

The Incredible Gav Hedge!!!

The Telegraph in Shrewsbury was first. Always one of our favourites, we weren’t sure what a Friday crowd would be like. There was nothing to worry about with Gav getting a great reaction from the first song and a few of our friends turning up throughout the evening. Part of Gav’s entourage was his friend Frank Hutcheon, who joined him on bass for a few numbers. Frank hasn’t played live in over 20 years, only recently picking the instrument up again, but you wouldn’t know it to watch him play. Ed & Si also joined Gav for a couple of numbers in the second set.

Gav with "Help" from Ed & Si.

Gav with “Help” from Ed & Si.

Saturday had the potential to go horribly wrong for a couple of reasons. Firstly, on Thursday, we discovered that our original venue were having to cancel due to circumstances beyond their control. After a panicky ring round, Ed found a new venue in Newport’s Honeysuckle. On top of this, Ed met up with the Scottish contingent to watch the rugby in the local. They started drinking at around 1PM. Si caught up with the group at around 6PM and it became clear that a couple of beers had been consumed.

Fortunately Gav was in control for the gig. The Honeysuckle is quite a small pub, and we quickly had the room filled with friends coming along to catch up with their old friend, some of whom hadn’t seen him since he moved away from the area 14 years ago. There was a great atmosphere for the evening and we’d like to thank the staff at The Honeysuckle for stepping up to the plate at the last minute.

Gav and Frank

Gav and Frank

After the gig we went back to Ed’s for a few celebratory drinks. It gets a little hazy, but it seems that those of us who made it to the end finally gave up at about 5AM. One or two notable people had been drinking continuously since the afternoon, so it would be interesting to see how the morning progressed on Sunday.

It didn’t. Si & Ed missed the morning completely. Combined with an afternoon gig at the Wrekin Inn to prepare for, this left little time for breakfast.

The Wrekin, as you will know if you follow our blog, is one of our favourites. It was the site of our first gig as Lost The Plot almost 2 years ago and we always have a great audience here. This would be no different for Gav as he wound up a successful weekend with a storming set. As well as Frank, Ed and Si joining Gav for a few numbers, Ed & Si played a short set in the interval (made shorter by the snapping of Ed’s G-string) and DJ Ant joined in on cajon and bodhrán. A great weekend came to a great finish.

Gav & Friends

Gav & Friends

We’d like to thank Gav and his friends for coming down and giving us such a great weekend and thanks also to Alan at The Telegraph, Liv & Mike at The Honeysuckle and Sam at The Wrekin for supplying the venues.

We’ll have to see whether we can get Gav down again next year.

This week we’re back at Molloy’s in Bury on Friday. Come along if you’re in the area.

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