OPO & Baschurch

November 10, 2013

Another couple of crackers this weekend.

On Friday we returned to The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury, scene of some of our favourite gigs. Regular followers of the band and this blog may remember that our friend, Chris Payne, moved to Abu Dhabi at the start of the year and celebrated his move by coming to our gig at The Crown just before Christmas. Well, Chris was back in the country for a couple of weeks, so used this gig as an excuse to have a few beers with some friends. Better than this, prior to arriving at the pub he and his mates went for the obligatory curry. We were about 3 songs into our set as they arrived and Chris walked up to offer us a bag of naan breads for our consumption in the break. The gig was as much fun as any we have had here and we can’t wait to get back at the end of January.

Chris Payne & Spank

Chris Payne & Spank

On Saturday we were at the Admiral Duncan in Baschurch. It was a little quieter than normal (obviously the locals know when to avoid the pub!), but it picked up as we started playing and the crowd were brilliant. The Landlord was away on holiday, so he had his friend Jamie standing in for him. It seems he didn’t know what was coming and spent the whole evening with a silly grin on his face.



We ended the evening doing something we don’t normally do. One thing that happens a lot when you’re in a band is that you get that one drunken person asking if they can come up and sing a song, because they’re really good singers and do you know something by Celine Dion? Apart from the fact that we don’t know any Celine Dion, very few drunken people can actually sing that well, especially by the end of the evening. We took a punt this time and let Jamie’s better half, Amy, up to sing a song with us. Initially she had asked about doing something by Olivia Newtron-Bomb, so we figured it couldn’t hurt to let her do the female lines in Summer Nights – we only play the one verse, so it would be over quickly if she couldn’t sing!

It turns out that she can sing. Very well. Very well indeed.

A spur of the moment decision saw her sing Hallelujah with Ed figuring out the chords as he went along. To say she brought the house down is an understatement. To end the gig with a spot of real musicality was an odd experience for us, and one I doubt we’ll repeat too frequently, but one we’ll treasure.

We’re hoping to be back in Baschurch in the New Year.

Gav Hedge

Gav Hedge

Next weekend Paul is busy in his other life operating sound for a gymnastics competition oop north, but we have a special treat. Our friend Gav Hedge, from the Scottish town of Forfar, is heading to Shropshire for a weekend of gigs. You can catch him on Friday at The Telegraph in Castlefields, on Saturday at Newport’s New Inn, or at The Wrekin Inn, Wellington on Sunday afternoon. Gav plays acoustic guitar using some kind of voodoo to create his own backing tracks live – it’s a wonder to behold. Ed & Si are providing technical backup and may join in for one or two numbers. This really is a set of gigs not to be missed, not least because they are unlikely to be repeated. Check out our Facebook Page for more details.

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