A Weekend in Wales.

May 6, 2013

Wales. Home of beautiful mountains, rain and site of Scholars Bar, where Clatter destroyed his knee in a tambourine based accident.

The weekend started with our first appearance at Brynrodyn Caravn Park in Borth. The sound and light systems in the hall were designed and installed by our good friend Den, so we knew that we would look and sound great (as far as we can).

The Stage at Brynrodyn

The Stage at Brynrodyn

We’ll be back at Bryrodyn in July and August. Can’t wait.

After a morning stroll along the beach on Saturday we travelled into Aberystwyth to return to Scholars. Being a town centre pub, the audience can be a bit hit and miss. In fact, on our last visit we ended up with one guy sitting at a table right in front of us reading his paper, totally uninterested in us. This time the audience was great. During the first half a group of drunken farming students arrived in fancy dress, closely followed by the police, asking us to turn down. While the students left before the second set, more people came in to enjoy the remainder of the evening, including, surprisingly, Newspaper Man sans newspaper!

On Sunday we drove back to Wellington to play at a post-wedding party for Ian and Jane. Ed fell asleep during the journey, so WeeMann and Clatter decided to play Buckaroo with him. Clatter won with this stunning balancing act using rolls of electrical tape:



The party was great. In our opinion, easily our best performance of the weekend with a great (in every sense of the word) audience. The weather was great and people were spilling out into the car park in their hundreds. To top it off they also had a hog roast, so we finished our set early in order to get some crackling.

Clatter did what Clatter often does in situations like this – trying to injure people. Throwing a duck into the audience to the shout of “Duck!!!” he inadvertently hit in the face a lady who couldn’t duck, standing with the aid of crutches following an operation. This was later compounded when we discovered that Gordon, whom he hit over the head with a beer tray, was in the process of recovering from a brain embolism. Clatter has been reprimanded, but we’re not sure this will actually do any good.

Next week we return to The Duke in Oakengates on Friday before playing at a fund raiser for Forton Cricket Club on Saturday (tickets £6 to non-members, available from the club).

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3 Responses to “A Weekend in Wales.”

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