Although Paul is away on business this weekend (don’t ask me, as far as I’m aware he just hits things), Lost The Plot are to be involved in a World Record attempt.

Local homeless charity, Stay, are putting on a 12 hour variety show in Telford Town Centre and hope to break the current world record of 12 hours and 8 minutes. We’ll be doing our bit as a duo at about 2:30PM, so please come along and help us get in the Guinness Book Of World Records – it’s been our lifetime dream since we found out about it last week.

You can

Come along and throw ducks – you’ll only have 10 minutes, so make it count!!!

Hit for Six

May 12, 2013

Edcase really needs to learn to think hard before he makes decisions. As a result of a seemingly simple decision made as we finished setting up on Saturday night’s gig in Forton, band members were repeatedly injured throughout the night. But more of this shortly.

Friday was a return gig at The Duke in Oakengates. Our last gig here could so easily have been a disaster due to the heavy snow, but fortunately people came out. It was similar this time, although not due to the weather. Oakengates is seeing fewer people out on a Friday evening at the moment and, as before, the pub was almost deserted as we started playing. Like last time, though, people started turning up during the first set until we had a respectable audience all keen for a good night out. The bar staff surprised us when they showed us that they had kept some masks we left behind in January. By way of revenge for scaring us in this manner, WeeMann took the photo below, asking the barmaids to say cheese as he snapped away. All smiled for the camera before one asked “Why am I smiling with a mask on???”



And so to Saturday. A fundraiser for Forton Cricket Club, with us being booked by our friend Phiz. The decision Ed made? To leave ducks on the tables throughout the room. So that people could throw them at us.

The people in this case being cricketers, who can throw harder and more accurately than the average drunken pub patron. To top it off, Clatter decided to point out that it wouldn’t matter due to the fact that it was only Forton XI, so we’d be safe. WeeMann barely leapt out of the way before Clatter was hit by a hail of ducks. This continued throughout the night, with WeeMann eventually using a safety helmet for protection after being hit by a particularly accurately thrown duck. New balls please:

Cricket Box

Cricket Box

Edcase has been relieved of decision making duties until he can demonstrate an ability to think through the consequences of his actions.

Following this gig we have reached our milestone of 200 likes on Facebook. Our 200th fan, Sarah Foster, will be receiving a small gift shortly.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, we have uploaded a short video from last week’s gig in Aberystwyth filmed by our tame camera man, Dave. Good job as usual, Dave.

We’ve got a couple of weeks’ break now before we head north to Dundee and Forfar to play at the Forfarfest music festival. We loved playing there last year, so are really looking forward to our return trip. We’ll be staying with our good friends Gav and Jen again and playing alongside Gav at the festival. Can’t wait.

For all our local fans, we’ll be back at the Malthouse in Ironbridge on Friday 7 June and then onto the Newport Carnival on the Saturday afternoon before heading to the Admiral Duncan in Baschurch in the evening.

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and also at where you can check out our gig calendar.

See you at a gig soon.

A Weekend in Wales.

May 6, 2013

Wales. Home of beautiful mountains, rain and site of Scholars Bar, where Clatter destroyed his knee in a tambourine based accident.

The weekend started with our first appearance at Brynrodyn Caravn Park in Borth. The sound and light systems in the hall were designed and installed by our good friend Den, so we knew that we would look and sound great (as far as we can).

The Stage at Brynrodyn

The Stage at Brynrodyn

We’ll be back at Bryrodyn in July and August. Can’t wait.

After a morning stroll along the beach on Saturday we travelled into Aberystwyth to return to Scholars. Being a town centre pub, the audience can be a bit hit and miss. In fact, on our last visit we ended up with one guy sitting at a table right in front of us reading his paper, totally uninterested in us. This time the audience was great. During the first half a group of drunken farming students arrived in fancy dress, closely followed by the police, asking us to turn down. While the students left before the second set, more people came in to enjoy the remainder of the evening, including, surprisingly, Newspaper Man sans newspaper!

On Sunday we drove back to Wellington to play at a post-wedding party for Ian and Jane. Ed fell asleep during the journey, so WeeMann and Clatter decided to play Buckaroo with him. Clatter won with this stunning balancing act using rolls of electrical tape:



The party was great. In our opinion, easily our best performance of the weekend with a great (in every sense of the word) audience. The weather was great and people were spilling out into the car park in their hundreds. To top it off they also had a hog roast, so we finished our set early in order to get some crackling.

Clatter did what Clatter often does in situations like this – trying to injure people. Throwing a duck into the audience to the shout of “Duck!!!” he inadvertently hit in the face a lady who couldn’t duck, standing with the aid of crutches following an operation. This was later compounded when we discovered that Gordon, whom he hit over the head with a beer tray, was in the process of recovering from a brain embolism. Clatter has been reprimanded, but we’re not sure this will actually do any good.

Next week we return to The Duke in Oakengates on Friday before playing at a fund raiser for Forton Cricket Club on Saturday (tickets £6 to non-members, available from the club).

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After a weekend off we returned at full strength to Shrewsbury’s Dun Cow in Abbey Foregate. When I say full strength, all I mean is that Clatter was with us again. He’s not yet fully recovered, but is well enough to play.

Last time we visited the Dun Cow was last August bank holiday weekend – it was tipping it down and there was something big going on in town, so we ended up playing to about 5 people (bar staff included). This time, however, the place was full to bursting and the crowd loved everything, including a couple of new numbers which got their first airing tonight.

Patting ourselves on the back, we decided to stop at McDonalds in Wellington for some grub on the way home. As we moved between the Drive-Thru windows, Ed commented on a funny noise from under the bonnet. We decided to pull just round the corner to check it out, which is when Ed discovered the lack of power steering. “Let’s pull up over there,” said Paul, pointing at a lay-by. We went sailing by. Turns out the brakes had gone too.

When we finally pulled up (all of us with our feet dragging on the ground, Flintstones-style) we quickly found the problem – a shredded auxiliary belt. On the plus side, the breakdown truck was pretty quick, but on the downside, he only had room to take two of us. WeeMann had to call a cab to travel the last few minutes home. Good old Moby Dick.

The Broken Belt

The Broken Belt

As a result we had to take two cars to Saturday’s gig at The Green Man in Milwich, Staffs. A tight squeeze, but we got everything in, including our pet photographer, Dave:

Dave The Camera

Dave The Camera

Our last gig here was our last gig of 2012, where a coach party stopped off halfway through the first set and didn’t leave. This time the locals had heard about us and filled the place. Rather than try to describe how it went, here’s a video that Dave has put together from the night:

This weekend we’re off to Welsh Wales again. On this visit we’re playing at Brynrodyn Caravan Park on Friday and Scholars on Saturday. Fingers crossed that Newspaper Man doesn’t come along again. If he does, we’ll bloody well get him involved this time!

On the way home we’re popping back into The Wrekin Inn in Wellington for a party. We’ll be on about 3:00.

See you soon.