A year old.

We can’t quite believe that we’ve been going a whole year. Our first official gig as Lost The Plot was on 24 February 2012, a year ago today at The Wheatsheaf in Frankwell, Shrewbury.

A lot has changed in that time – we’ve become slicker, more professional, tighter…

Forget all that, we’ve got more ducks. And hats. And soft toys.

Party Time!

Last night we held our First Birthday Party at Newport’s famed Cosy Hall. The gig wasn’t without its problems, with both guitar and bass disappearing at various points throughout the night (why couldn’t the drums do the same?!), but the atmosphere was great and the audience were receptive and welcoming from the opening restrains of Mrs Robinson, right through to the last fading chords of Always Look On The Bright Side. Ducks were thrown, a toddler beat up the bassist while he stood on a chair, Hugo was taken for a dance and balloons were burst. All in all, everything a good party should be!

We’re trying to get together a few videos and pics to put up on the site, so keep you eye on LostThePlotBand.co.uk for those. If you have anything you’d like to share with us, please send it to info@losttheplotband.co.uk

2013-02-23 21.41.01

This Wednesday we’re playing in Stone at a pub called The Swan, a new venue for us. If you’re able to get there, please pop along. Their website, swaninnstone.co.uk, says that they have real music. Not for long! Although they have used an inordinate number of exclamation marks after our name on their gig guide, so perhaps they know…

We’ve then got a couple of weekends off as members of the band go globetrotting – Edcase is off to play in Denmark with his old bandmate, Martin Dale, while Clatter is visiting the Costa Del Reading. WeeMann will be travelling no further than Shrewsbury for a comedy show. See you in a couple of weeks for more mayhem.

Saturday 23 February sees Lost The Plot’s First Birthday Party at Newport’s Cozy Hall.

As well as The normal craziness you’d expect from Lost The Plot there will be party games, jelly and cake, guest artists, balloon modelling and much, much more.


We will be having a fully licenced bar staffed by some very special guests.

Tickets are available now from info@LostThePlotBand.co.uk, by approaching any of the band members, or from Alison at Newport’s Book Nook or Andy at The Smash Room in Ketley, priced at a measly £4 each. For this £4 you get entry into the party, jelly & cake and free entry into the party games.

Tickets are expected to sell out, so get in quick – it is unlikely that we’ll be able to sell any tickets on the door.

On Saturday we’re planning to invade a local radio station in order to promote the party – watch this space for details nearer the time.

More details and updates are available at http://www.losttheplotband.co.uk/party/