That Was 2012…

December 24, 2012

Well, that just about wraps it up for 2012.  Our final two gigs were on Thursday at The Crown in Oakengates and Saturday at The Green Man in Milwich, our first visit to Staffordshire.

The Crown doubled as a leaving party for our friend, Chris Payne, who is moving to Abu Dhabi in the new year.  As usual, the crowd were great, getting into our brand of humour from the get go.  Ed made several references to his new rubber chicken (or Cock, as it has been christened).  Cue endless jokes about squeezing/holding/waving/stroking/treading on* Ed’s Cock.  The fun never starts!

*delete as applicable.

Of vital importance to the band was the addition of a new ale into the pub’s repertoire – Arkwright’s Tarquin F’Tang F’Tang Ole Biscuitbarrel.  On name alone we had to try it and, as should be expected in The Crown, we weren’t disappointed.  A lovely English Pale ale, we had to try a couple, just to make sure it did taste as good as we first thought.  It did.

The only sad part of the evening was the fact that Chris, unfortunately, had a dodgy pint which made him rather ill.  He can’t remember if it was the 14th or 15th.

The Crown 20 12 12

The Crown – photo by Chris Payne

On Saturday we braved floods to travel to Milwich in Staffordshire for our final gig of 2012 at The Green Man. We walked in to find a very small, old fashioned pub and spent 5 minutes nursing a pint of Doom Bar whilst figuring out how we would fit without preventing people getting into the pub.  We worked it out and were soon kicking into Road To Nowhere.  People came in from the other bar after eating and, about 4 or 5 songs in, a large group of people arrived.

“What happened?” asked Ed, “Did a coach break down outside?” Chatting to a couple of people in the interval it turned out he wasn’t far from the truth – a coach trip had become a pub crawl – these people would soon be leaving.  Or so they thought.  As the second set developed they stayed, stunned at what they saw, wondering whether it would get any more sensible…

This audience was probably a microcosm of the audience Lost The Plot aim to please – we had people from 19 to 90 watching and, without exception, getting into everything we did.  WeeMann picked out the person who would catch our drowned dog during Irish Rover, a young lad in with his mates.  Unfortunately he missed and hit a frail, if feisty,  90 year old lady perched next to him on a bar stool, nearly knocking her to the floor.  Fortunately she took it in good humour.

We couldn’t have asked or hoped for a better way to end the year than this gig and we’ll certainly be returning.

So with those two gigs Lost The Plot is finished for 2012.  We’re going to have a rest over the Xmas period and come back refreshed in the new year.  We start 2013 the way we finished 2012 – with a party!  In fact, we’ve been asked to perform for The Malthouse’s staff Xmas party.  Our first public gig is on Fri 11th at The Old Post Office in Shrewsbury followed by a return to Oakengates on the 18th at The Duke and The Malthouse on the 25th.

On the 26th we’re off up to Coton, just outside Whitchurch, to visit The Dog & Bull for the first time and we finish off January with our next gig at The Wrekin in Wellington.

You can keep an eye on our gigs at and you can explore the site and find out more about the band.

The rest of 2013 is looking fairly busy, with over 40 gigs already in the diary, so you needn’t miss out on your dose of silly next year.  February sees the first anniversary of the formation of the band and we have a special event planned, so keep your eye on our website for more details as we get closer

We’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s come to see us this year, from people who have returned on several occasions (fools!) to those who have stumbled in unaware of what was going on (Newspaper Man in Aberyswyth).  We’ve really enjoyed our first year as a band, from the highs to the lows, everything has given us a laugh and that couldn’t happen without you, the audience.

If you like us, please share the link to our blog across Facebook, Twitter or any other website you’ve got access to, tell people about us, drag people along to see us and generally spread the word.  That word being ‘Stupid!’

We love you all,

Ed, Paul & Si.


Ed, Paul & Si.

Ed, Paul & Si.

Attack Of The Clones

December 17, 2012

There’s a phrase that’s become popularised since the advent of texting – WTF? This is a phrase we found ourselves using most of the weekend, as we played a couple of the most bizarre gigs any of us has been party to.

The weekend started innocuously enough with a quiet evening at the Music Club Millenium Hall in Moreton, just east of Newport.  An old haunt of Edcase’s, this is a private members club in a small village’s community centre.  Due to the layout of the bar, we could see everyone and thus everyone could see us.  As a result this made it quite an easy gig for holding their attention (something that you generally struggle to do in the average pub) – once they were onboard (some point during the first number) we never lost them.

The Invisible Drum Kit

The Invisible Drum Kit

Saturday was, at first glance, going to be a different story.  This was our third gig at The Talbot Inn.  Last time we played there Moby Dick broke down and as we pulled up, Clatter pointed out a strange noise she was making again, just as she had in the run up to that gig…

We climbed out and went into the pub wearing our Xmas hats to meet a bemused Alan.  “Are you playing tonight?” he asked. “I’d forgotten.  I haven’t promoted it, so it may be quiet tonight.”  Not a good start.

Once we’d set up, we sat having a drink and a chat with some friends brought along by our long time friend, Sarah.  Judging by the conversation, and despite them not really being aware of what they were about to witness, we figured they’d get our sense of humour.  On the downside, as we chatted, more of the already small crowd were leaving the pub.  This wasn’t looking good.

Still, we thrive in adversity, so we plugged in and went for it.  As is often the case, despite a quiet start, the pub did start filling up as we played.  Granted there weren’t as many as at the previous 2 visits, but we ended up with a respectable crowd, nonetheless.

Where things started going strange, however, was towards the end of our second set.

As a band, we have an official stalker.  Shelley comes to a few of our gigs.  Well, when we say a few, we mean pretty much every one.  An old workmate of WeeMann’s, Shelley is a fan of live music and spends most weekends visiting live music venues.  The last few months have seen her trailing the band round the Midlands and beyond in the hope that we’ll one day impress her with our show.  Last week she insisted on taking some photos of us after our Wrekin gig; proper “Sensible” photos.  Little did we know what she had up her sleeve (apart from her arm).

As anyone who has seen us will know, we enjoy using masks as a way of making ourselves look prettier – Katy Perry, Ant & Dec and, most recently, Jedward have all made an appearance.  Last night, as we kicked into eighties classic, Don’t You Want Me, we noticed Shelley moving throughout the crowd.  Thinking nothing of it, we motored towards the chorus, ready to impress with our faultless three part harmonies, whereupon a sea of familiar faces started moving towards us like a zombie apocalypse.

WeeMann found himself staring at Edcase, Edcase at Clatter.  But these were people in the audience. How…?  Wha…?  Whe…?

It dawned on us – the audience were wearing masks with our faces printed on them.  This was one of the most surreal moments in our collective gigging lives.  We were all laughing so hard we struggled to keep going.  Clatter had an asthma attack from laughing so hard, WeeMann was crying and couldn’t sing, Edcase considered stopping the song to allow us to compose ourselves.



We carried on and made it to the end of the song, having to take a few moments before the next.  It was generally agreed that we couldn’t remember a funnier moment from any gig any of us had played before.

On top of this, one of our ducks has been taken away for a holiday.  We were approached during the break by Merv, who had been the recipient of a flying duck during the first set.  He asked if he could take the duck as he travelled abroad in the new year.  As a result, Biker Duck will be visiting Russia and Italy, amongst other destinations, next year.  Merv has promised to send us regular updates as he travels, so we’ll keep you updated on his journey.

Sunday saw our first trip out to Baschurch, north of Shrewsbury, to play at the grand opening of Cafe Saffron’s new curry restaurant in the Admiral Duncan.  The evening started with the crowd unsure of what they were witnessing, but before too long they started getting into the spirit of the event.  As we sat down during our first break, the landlord approached with a couple of ladies, discussing arrangements for backing music.  What was going on?

It transpired that we were one of two acts on this evening, the second being Emma, a belly dancer.  After sorting out their backing music, Clatter sat transfixed:


Clatter sits transfixed


A Stunned Clatter

The audience suddenly seemed much larger while Emma performed, shrinking away again as we re-took the stage.  Not sure what was going on there…

We ended up playing three sets, finishing after 10 and ready for the trudge home.

This week we’ll be playing our last couple of gigs before the Xmas break.  On Thursday we’re at The Crown in Oakengates, a great little real ale pub.  Landlord John Ellis is a big fan of his ale, which is great by us, and also of entertainment.  This one should be a cracker as our friend, Chris Payne, is using the evening as an unofficial leaving party prior to moving abroad.

A night off on Friday for the end of the world (we’d rather not miss it by being engrossed in our set) before our last gig of 2012 at The Green Man in Milwich, Staffordshire.

We’ll report back on these gigs next week.


These people must not be allowed into the pub.

Xmas Is Coming…

December 13, 2012

The last couple of weeks have been hectic.

The start of December saw our return to The Telegraph in Castlefields, Shrewsbury.  This was a Sunday Afternoon gig and we didn’t really know what to expect – our previous visit had been tied in to a retirement party and the pub is quite large, so a crowd of 20, which may look great in a small pub, would look tiny in here.  As we soon found out, the pub gets quite busy on a Sunday afternoon and we had a great time.  It ended in spectacular fashion too, as Landlord Alan treated us to a curry afterwards (more of which later).

Last weekend was a biggie.  During the week, Edcase played on Wednesday with Weezel Diesel and WeeMann played on Thursday with Fat Fighters.  On Friday we got together with our good friends Rich Evans and Si Carswell to perform a special gig at the Harper Adams University Xmas Ball.  The set was made up from songs that Rich plays solo and with Weezel Diesel as well as a few Plot standards.  The party was a big one (approx. 1800 tickets sold) although we’d guess at about 800 – 1000 in the marquee where we played.  We’d only managed 3 rehearsals and weren’t expecting this to be earth shattering, but we had the crowd bouncing from the first notes until we left the stage, with them still shouting for more.

Harper Adams

Harper Adams

On Saturday we drove down to Aberystwyth to return to the scene of Clatter’s accident, Scholars.  The gig went pretty much as expected, but what amused us most was the gentleman who entered the pub with a paper under his arm.  After getting a pint he proceeded to sit down at the table right in front of us and read, completely oblivious to the maelstrom around him.  When we tried to engage him, all we got were angry scowls.  A pub with many empty tables round the other side of the bar and upstairs, and he chooses to sit right in front of us… There’s nothing so queer as folk!

The trip home on Sunday took us to The Wrekin.  This was possibly our best gig here to date.  The audience were warm and receptive and silliness prevailed.  not only this, but on the day that Sir Patrick Moore passed away, a generous fan brought us a Space Duck – a rubber duck dressed for a moon landing.  We dedicated Whole Of The Moon to Moore and Space Duck took centre stage on Edcase’s monitor.

Sir Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick Moore

This week we’re off to Moreton to play at the Music Club Millenium Hall on Friday, before our third gig at The Talbot in St. Georges on Saturday and a fantastic end to the weekend on Sunday.

Going back to the talk of curry, whilst at the Cafe Saffron with Alan after our Telegraph gig, the waiter asked Alan if he knew of any bands he could recommend.  “These guys are a great band” he said, waving his hand round the table.  As a result, we have been asked to play for the opening of their new restaurant within the Admiral Duncan pub in Baschurch.

What could be better?  Beer, curry and great music.

Then we’ll turn the jukebox off and start playing.