Forfar & Dundee.

November 1, 2012

So, we’re back in Shropshire following a 7 hour drive back from Forfar on Monday.  Wow.  What a weekend.

First of all, thanks for the weekend has to go to our friends Gav and Jen Hedge.  Former Newport residents, the Hedges moved back to Forfar a few years ago and it is they who organised our weekend, booking the gigs and giving us a place to stay, very kindly putting us up in a converted barn they have in their back garden.  Thank you guys.

Our first gig, on Friday night, was at their local, the Chapter & Verse in Forfar.  Not a huge audience, but as warm and welcoming a crowd as we’ve met.  Gav started the evening off with a short set of his acoustic songs.  He plays using a looping pedal, laying down rhythms and basslines to play over, creating a really full, textured sound.

Chapter & Verse

Chapter & Verse

Granted, the crowd consisted of many of his friends, but they loved his performance (as did we) and he left them nicely warmed up for our set.  The gig went by in a bit of a blur, with ducks, rhino and dog playing their usual role (Gav catching the dog square in the face following its drowning).

Bouzouki Power!!!

Bouzouki Power!!!

Saturday started quietly, with a stroll into Forfar for lunch in the Vine & Monkey, the venue for our forthcoming Sunday gig.  Here we met Ellis and his mega burgers.  These burgers were actually taller than WeeMann & Clatter and climbing gear was required to reach the onion rings stored within.  Edcase followed this with an apple crumble which was swimming in a sea of custard that would have put the Mediterranean to shame.

We later travelled down to Dundee for the evening’s gig at Legends.  A short trip over the river to see what Dundee looked like from the other side before setting up and blasting out our bouzouki powered stylings left the Dundonians stunned.  Who are these idiots?!



The pub was empty as we finished soundchecking, but by the end of the first set had filled to capacity.  Another very warm, welcoming crowd, all insisting we return at some point soon.  So far, this tour was going well.  What would tomorrow bring?

Well, tomorrow (last Sunday as I type this) brought another cracking gig.  Back at the Vine and Monkey (not having eaten again in the preceding 24 hours due to the burgers) we were performing for the afternoon.  Like Friday, the crowd wasn’t huge, but very much into the silliness.  The gig was made more interesting by the Halloween decorations strewn about the pub.  The low ceiling was covered in great clouds of cotton wool and these were constantly getting entangled in our hair and instruments.

Clatter & WeeMann in Forfar

Clatter & WeeMann in Forfar

We finished off our visit by an evening in the Vine & Monkey joining in with a jam session, getting the chance to jam with some local musicians – great fun.

All in all, the weekend was a success, although the seven hour journey home on Monday was a subdued affair. We will be returning to Forfar and the surrounding area in June next year, please see our Gigs Page for details.

Us with our host, Gav.

Us with our host, Gav.

So, back onto home turf, Friday sees us at the Telegraph Vaults in Shrewsbury, a new venue for us:

On Sunday we’ll be making our second début of the weekend at Ironbridge’s Malthouse.  This is our first trip to Ironbridge, so we hope to make it a success.

Edcase & Jen

Edcase & Jen

Also, don’t forget that we’re playing a fundraiser at the Burton Borough School in Newport next Friday (the 9th).  At £10 per ticket you get us, the school Big Band and a curry.  What could be better?

Details are available here.

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